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Your body can heal itself if provided what it needs.
Nutrition isn't only food: there are 8 ways to get things into your body
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Avoid Dentist Drills & Doctor Bills

My family, myself, and people I personally know of have been literally butchered by the medical system. A big part of the problem was conflicting healthcare information from ignorant people including nurses & doctors who had no solutions. Find out what I can do to help you avoid similar problems with time-tested, body-native tools. Many of these tools you can use yourself, but you need someone like me who's been through it to guide you.

Individualized Services

Individualized strategies based on your own individual lifestyle, biochemistry.
phobias, compulsions
support & motivation
Diet Strategies

Then you should go with practitioners like me

Did you know your doctor treats you and your tests as a statistical average instead of as an individual? Why do you think they prescribe the same treatment and pharmaceuticals to just about each person? Cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and others are rampant and it's not because it's "normal."


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Testing pitfalls

  • One of the biggest pitfalls of seeking these kinds of services are that to fully realize the changes, improvements and potential short-term side effects are to obtain testing before, during and after. This way we can see the progress you are making, but also may show other metabolic changes. Sometimes people "fall off the wagon," relapse and blame the practitioner. The truth is there is very little risk in what we are doing because we are using substances naturally occurring to the human body.
  • The sad fact is many people go to my type of modality and others primarily because they couldn't get proper treatment at their conventional medical doctor's office. Therefore there is significant damage already inflicted on their cellular structure and existing damage you are going to have a harder time to correct.