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Dollar signs. We're trained in industrialized, conveyor-belt societies to only see the devalued dollar signs. The more devalued dollar signs we see, the less health we see. This wasn't always the way it was but virtually everything in our lives has become degraded and devalued to the point of being worthless. Look at our 'modern day' relationships: text-based, disposable people as worthless as products from Wal-mart.
We have to realize virtually all Western doctors were trained and work within a reductionist, acute and cost-restricted environment. They aren't trained in individual biochemistry and metabolism and because of that can't much detect pre-disease states. They also are trained virtually only in pharmacology. They also are instructed to keep costs as low as possible to the point of being unethical in many jurisdictions. For instance, in my case my minimum problem was low B12 and I had an undetected hiatal hernia that wasn't seen until I went in for an ultrasound for something unrelated. This happened at 38 years old when I had very bothersome, often debilitating symptoms since I was a teenager.
As previously mentioned and as you probably see in your daily life: "what relationships?" Digital communication has resulted in a plethora of misunderstandings and broken social links.
Lots of us are told we are "hypochondriacs" or people who 'imagine' our symptoms often based on what we read on a symptom list online. The truth is there are very little people who are pure hypochondriacs. 9 out of 10 people on planet earth have minimum hidden imbalances in their bodies that aren't corrected and therefore presents in bothersome symptoms often disregarded by reductionist doctors.

Do you have symptoms? Who doesn't?

Your government doctors will tell you that you that losing your hair, hearing, senses and your mind is 'normal' as you age. They likely will also tell you that your bloodwork is 'normal' as well even if you have physical and mental symptoms. Many people are embarrassed and fearful of mentioning even the slightest hint of a mental symptom because of the stigma that has long been associated with their mental faculties. They also know from family, friends and what they hear in the media that people labelled "mentally ill" are treated like outcasts. This really isn't far from the truth: 42% of Canadians admit they have 2nd thoughts of associating with someone who admitted to them they had symptoms of suicide, hearing voices, paranoia and others. On the other hand, as of 2015 57% of Canadians believe that the stigma associated with mental illness has been reduced compared to five years ago. What if I told you 'conventional' doctors got it all wrong about this and there are reversals and cures for them? This would probably eliminate stigma.

Symptom Matrix

Typical symptoms and analysis/treatments from 'conventional' and non-reductionist doctors. We have to remember the following when reading: our bodies are made of mostly water, and what happens when you put things that don't belong there? You don't want to swim in it and neither do your body-native tissues and substances including cellular functions.

Why do I get anxiety, depression so often?

There are many factors that can lead to this. The first is we need to remember that the brain isn't the mind and the body isn't separate from the body. What happens to the brain also happens to the body and vice versa. Some of the most pronounced factors are what you put into your mouth. There many factors and those are toxicities in your environment, food, air, water. Many 'natural' substances that we think are harmless or we can't see also play a huge role. One of these is copper which has replaced the fear that people had about lead in their water pipes. Yes, we receive far too much copper in our bodies from the copper pipes in your house!

The point is we have to remember that our bodies consist of mostly water and we have to imagine that if you put all sorts of things into a body of water that it is primarily your liver that has to perform the analysis and filtering functions. There are many other considerations about what could be causing mental problems.

Why do I get so many aches and pains?

Cellular inflammation is one of the biggest problems with muscular, skeletal and bio-mechanical problems.

Why do I get the common cold, influenza so often and could it be linked with other things?

We don't "catch colds" just like we don't 'catch' wrinkles, cold sores, grey hair or cancer. It's all symptoms of a problem with your body's internal pond. Remember we are made of mostly water.

My doctor told me I "have diabetes." What is causing this and how can I treat it?

The first question we and your doctor should be asking is "How did you develop this set of cellular dysfunction with a label called diabetes?" We need to stop applying labels to everything and everyone as it gives us a false identity in our minds. This is very prevalent with people who call themselves "bipolar " and others and the biggest reason is because they don't see any solutions, so they delve into a self-pity culture along with many others in the same sub-culture.

Is there a connection between my consumption of white bread and my wanting more cigarettes?

Most likely yes. Each of our ancestors evolved in different areas of the world where we had regular consumption of a specific set of foods and environmental exposures to that specific geographic region. It takes on average 10,000 years for our bodies to get used to specific exposures in our food supply. The fact that you suspect you crave cigarettes after eating white bread is a minimum likely wheat allergy and it is very common. Cigarettes also contain nicotine which is related to nicotonic acid or Vitamin B3 which is absent white bread.

What your body needs may be present in artificial forms in many of the foods, cigarettes or elsewhere in the environment, but you don't know if it is absorbing it, or how much you need.

Many are unaware there are many hidden allergens that trigger your immune system in destructive ways that you don't usually notice. However, what goes on inside your body is totally different and you would be shocked what happens when say, you eat wheat food or inhale wheat dust. It could be other allergens as well such as egg, milk and others. This is different than an intolerance.

I heard about lactose intolerance. Is this a real condition and can it be treated?

Intolerances are not immune-system specific. They are usually when your body lacks enzymes to assimilate complex molecules. Or it could be that your body doesn't have any left at all or never had them to begin with!

One common characteristic about people with lactose intolerance is that their ancestors are from areas that had little to no dairy consumption. The human body has many enzymes for lactose and other forms of it and related but it usually decreases or is eliminated totally as an infant gets past toddler-age.

This is a big reason why many people are lactose intolerant: They simply don't have the enzymes to digest and assimilate it anymore!
How many processed food servings do you consume?

Physical Symptoms

Common symptoms are graying hairs, aches & pains, common colds, infrequent infections, cravings and others. What if I told you they were all related?

"Mental" Symptoms

Depression, anxiety, paranoia, cravings, addictions, hallucinations. What if I told you they were related to your physical complaints and could be improved or stopped?

Significant Improvements & Reversals

Reductionist 'conventional' doctors are not trained in individual cellular nutrition and metabolism. They don't treat your body as a plant or animal where if they get sick, they treat the whole being.

You aren't drug deficient; you're nutrient deficient!

It's very simple: imagine your body being as though it was a dying plant (remember I said we are very genetically very close to plants?). You correct the cellular nutritional imbalances by adding what it needs or removing what it doesn't and it comes back to life stronger than before. You have blind faith in your doctors, but do you have the same for your car mechanic or other maintenance people? Don't be fooled by white lab coats and technical jargon. I was one of those fooled by the technical jargon and I didn't know enough about how things there worked, but now I do. After my family and myself experienced a near-lifetime of misery I am now able to impart my wisdom onto you. It all depends on your goals: is it only to rectify the symptom you have by taking daily supplements by mouth, or a little different by supplementing more via different routes. It could also be supplementation of testosterone that has many uses for the human body. The main goal is prevention, which is astronomically cheaper, but I also help with treating illnesses using body-native tools your doctor isn't trained in with little to no side effects. Why and how? Because I help you get your body back into healing and maintenance mode just like a plant would!
holy water, masks, alcohol

Alcohol, masks, holy water

What they all have in common is they are reductionist thinking processes.

Your immune system protects you

Most peoples' immune systems are weak. Why? because of many things but the biggest is improper cellular metabolism and nutrition.

9 out of 10 peoples' cells are sick

One general guideline to fix this is to take supplements based on your age, lifestyle, occupation, geographical region, and others. Individual guidelines take more work.

Why am I getting symptoms? Why am I getting sick with anything?

Your individual genetics, biochemistry and cellular nutrient levels play a huge part. You may have also heard of people getting their hair tested as well. The point is our bodies are made of mostly water and if there are lots of toxins in it, or our bodies can't get rid of them properly, we get sick. Often times we become accustomed to very sick environments, very sick people, very sick food without realizing it. A big part of this is because we are often forced to adapt to these sick environments but there are a certain percentage of people whose bodies and minds can't take the toxicity as others do. A large part of it is our bodies take on average to become accustomed to diets we never evolved with and this often makes us sick. The sad part is your "free" doctor isn't trained in individual metabolism, genetics and cellular nutrition. There are specialists, yes, and they too often aren't trained in these things. Most of the time people seek out help when it is too late.

Joel's Case Study

This study and the above videos shows that people often start off what they think is OK mainly because they don't feel any severe symptoms but is highly likely the metabolic problems were already there but building up over the years. Made worse with regular toxin consumption by socializing with people in the same work environment and drinking alcohol, maybe smoking marijuana. Many people work in toxic work environments and doesn't have to be around dust in a construction site. It could be in an office with what we think if harmless but artificial lights and constant exposure to wireless internet signals have an impact we cannot even see! The main point is the doctors telling you everything is fine is operating on very very limited standard, very limited tests, and very limited acute mindset. It is chiefly men who take on dangerous work and are told to "suck it up, buttercup" and other slogans we repeat without realizing the fell extent of trying to conform to horrific standards that others are told is normal.
jenny case study oda vs rda

You could need endocrine hormones and others

It could be that some parts of your body can't manufacture certain substances on their own even with nutrient therapy and alternative ways to get these substances into your body. You could need a patch of testosterone, a shot of it, or another method. Men and women both have testosterone in different forms along with others like estrogen in other forms.

5 minutes

5 minutes