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No Blame
The first step is comprehension. There are so many factors around you that you do not see, and start blaming yourself, because others are told to do the same to themselves.
I don't see many people putting legitimate effort into their health for toxic work environments. I did not fully realize the concept of biochemical individuality but I did try to keep somewhat healthy by avoiding junk food, hanging outside of smoke breaks and so on. The likelihood of the eventual acquiescence to the toxic work environments takes hold.
Mind Training
You may see the icon of a brain, but the brain isn't the mind. The brain is connected to the gut and the rest of the body. Your heart, brain and guts are teeming with neurons. You need to train your mind, but first train your body to become preventive, pro-active thinkers.
Schools used to be the place to receive credentials for your chosen profession as well as establishing career networks. Long before the pandemic this wasn't the case and is certainly isn't true now. Like many monopolized industries they eventually become corrupt and this has happened now with the mantra of "everyone needs a degree" but at what cost? Watered-down, expensive pieces of paper.

There's no labor shortage

Large employers crow in the media that they can't find people, but when you apply do you actually receive any replies from these places? Do you ever wonder why that is?

Almost everything's rigged

Don't let people tell you you're lazy. Perhaps this may be true for a extremely few amount of people. As many people are now finding out: almost everything is rigged to the "big boy's" favor.

Separated from reality, nature

In industrialized societies we seem to have forgotten in our place in nature and become "robots" chiefly in the eyes of large employers. In a world of abundance there's forced creating artificial scarcity on all levels.
fake labour shortage

Become attractive to clients or employers

Upbeat & truly healthy
Whether or not you work for someone or yourself, clients usually are desiring to deal with employees who are upbeat at the bare minimum. It's hard to be upbeat in the way many conditions are today. My job is to help you attain the right attitude but it doesn't strictly come from "mind over matter." You actually have to be healthy in order to be perceived as healthy. In other words: healthy inside and out.
we don't "catch" a common cold
We need to realize that we don't "catch" a common cold just like we don't catch wrinkles or a miserable attitude. Sure there are psychological influences but its no mystery as to why people develop a common cold, influenza, cavity or anything else. It has to do with your individual metabolism and your doctor isn't trained in that.
No labour shortage
If employers were truly experiencing a shortage they would hire virtually anyone with the bare minimum qualifications and someone who at least looked and acted in a healthy way. Even before the 'pandemic' we had large segments of employers claiming a labour shortage. Now it's even worse with mandates. You can see what I'm getting at: employers aren't as hungry as they claim yet wages and conditions keep getting worse. In order to compete on any level you need tip top health which includes not developing common ailments such as cavities, common colds and they are all related.

Labour Market & Employer, Government False Claims

Like many young people I had no idea how screwed up the world would be as it is now. Older people including teachers thought they knew. Employers were claiming new industries would employ virtually everyone, but the reality is they wield powerful lobbyists to influence keeping wages low by offshoring work & importing workers with the deleterious side effects on the economy including astronomical housing price increase among many others. Lots of what the officials say doesn't make sense and they very rarely have solid facts to back these claims up. Many critics fail to point out that crony capitalism is to blame, not capitalism! It was here when I figured out not only is healthcare and food degraded, but so is the money supply forcing the "Race to the bottom."

It's Contradictory: Get Out Fast!

Does it make sense to stay in an unhealthy workplace thinking that your minimal healthcare benefits will keep you healthy? It depends on many things and for most they will stay in an unhealthy workplace if they think they are making what they suspect is 'good money.' Is it worth your health for this, and what will you be doing with all these earnings? Most of the time once you keep hitting your cells with continual insults, they will shut down. Maybe if you lived in China you could purchase a new liver for the one you destroyed with alcohol to deal with your stress at work. The reality is that scenario isn't feasible and it's not as simple as replacing a car radiator. The key is to try to find a balance and that may be modifying something at work to stay on the job, or modifying your lifestyle, food choices, healthcare choices. Lots of what we speak about here is unknown to the average guy and we want more to know about this.

'Competitive' workplaces & market

.. and 'competitive' usually means those who will work for the lowest "race to the bottom wage." As we've said before, this is also a large topic, but it is multi-factorial. One of the biggest factors besides the subculture and work environment mentioned above is the fact that industries and governments discovered that one of the best ways to keep wages and benefits down, while at the same time appearing to be benevolent toward the working class, is to introduce a large supply of workers for employers to choose from. They keep repeating mantras of "labour shortages" and push public formal educational institutions (colleges, universities) with training for non-existent work because of the increasingly astronomical competition. It is far worse now than probably any point in recorded history in that even the formal education sector has formed industries and license associations to make it even more difficult to gain entrance into a specific field.

Problems with credentialism & knowledge expiry

For instance, prior to the 1980s, one did not need a license for many areas of work including Social Workers, Interior Designers, and so on. Now they need licenses, and yes they appear to be related to safety and many people have been led to believe that state licenses accomplish vague notions of safety and others. However, the public sector heavily distorts a market that would innovate ways to control membership themselves as the basic laws of supply and demand have done for thousands of years! It's not that complicated, but the people who control all of these facets make it all appeal complicated! Now we have barrier after barrier creating false signals as to what field of work for people to try to gain entrance into.
STEM: Repeated slogans & mantras
Then there's the mantra, repeated slogans and "belief" that mostly only STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) jobs are the way forward. Yet again in those slogans and repeated mantras where are all the details? It that was the solution wouldn't we be there by now? Something is amiss that's for sure! A lie can only hold water for a little while, just like we can be told 1 + 1 =3. For a while it will be believed but eventually that car measured with those standards will fall apart.

Get unstuck

Career counselors have very poor effectiveness rates, but then again so do other people who work in the human services. A big reason for this is they aren't trained in other areas that intersect with their field that would be more beneficial. The sad fact is many people do not realize this until they actually start practicing in the real world with real people. They start to realize they aren't some kind of blocks to move around but are living beings with metabolic problems. A large first part of trying to obtain work is developing confidence and that isn't only "mind over matter" as the cliched saying goes. Your body and mind actually need to have the proper infrastructure for your mind to actually be confident and healthy.
career counselors frustrated
unhealthy workplace

Discover metabolic solutions

By and large, doctors are not trained in systems biology metabolic solutions. You'll almost never your doctor mention or analyze metabolic problems until they are far too late, and it will likely be a specialist who does this. You won't hear terms like methylation, ignored medical conditions such as "Pyroluria," "Histadelia" and many others.