Disinformation: How We're Misled

  • Doctor's Ignorance
  • Bad Marketing
  • Word of Mouth
  • Celebrity Doctors
  • Big Pharma
Doctor's Ignorance
"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" or does it? The idea behind that phrase is proper nutrition is the key to long, disease-free life. After all, how did the apple you eat end up so delicious? The fact is that your doctor isn't trained in nutrient levels and nutrient therapy. Many doctors are starting to embrace integrative medicine because of all the lawsuits & complaints they are getting from the accidents and deaths caused by even the proper use of drugs. Everyone is looking for the healthiest options now.
Bad Marketing
Bad Marketing is to blame for many people being misguided from proper healthcare. With all the conflicting information out there that concentrates on the singular "take this for that" acute mindset, how can anyone know?
Word of Mouth
Many people propagate lie after lie regarding the latest fad and this continues the apathetic mindset among many. There is also a huge element of ritualistic behaviors.
Celebrity Doctors
Celebrity Doctors are part of the bad marketing out there and I still see mostly middle-aged women obsessed with them! They do a good job, but they are first and foremost very good marketers.
Big Pharma
Big Pharma is notorious for controlling very large segments of many sectors of the economy. Many people are mocked for this phrase but there's alot of truth to it. Big alcohol and big sugar are also very large cartels that dominate the world economy.

First: educate yourself on the basics

Once we know the basics about every subject there is, it becomes extremely difficult for any con artist to take advantage of you. Much of the time these people trying to sell you an idea are not doing it out of malice but they are performing a job they were hired to do: sell you something. They simply don't have the time to help you understand all the details, let alone the very general concepts. Much of the time these sales people know they are dealing with developmentally arrested children in adult bodies and they know most of them have been traumatized already since childhood.

To be understood, one has to make sense first and have evidence.

To be understood, one has to make sense first and have evidence.

Fictitious Authors Peddling Misinformation

Authors such as these do a very good job at what they do. I am in no way trashing this author but he serves a purpose: make 'alternative health' look ridiculous and it has been done by many authors and content creators exponentially hard since the 1990s. They still get the point across that big pharma has a gargantuan influence on medical schools and hence the health of people, but he doesn't even mention the legendary doctors such as Dr. Hoffer and many others.

Politicians & Power Brokers

Politicians and others use misinformation, public relations tactics to manipulate public opinion and views. Dr. Noam Chomsky and many others throughout the decades have revealed that public relations experts are specialists at manufacturing consent. They can make people believe that cows fly into space on a daily basis or that eating sewage is good for you. Actually, the former is actually true in that reconstituted sewage waste is spread over our food crops and has been done for decades without the public's knowledge. This is even in Canada! Many people claim they want to be free, independent but also want some magical nanny state to 'take care' of them. You can't have both! On the other hand being free and independent doesn't mean you can't help each other. In essence we are given false choices and fake dichotomies. For instance, when I was younger I had significant worries about money, so I started going to university groups with communists. Much of what they said resonated with me, but then they started taking about taking individual freedoms away and that's when I started to get very nervous and questioned their group-think. I was eventually kicked out of those groups.

Fake fact checkers

This is the kind of conflicting news sources on the internet that people read and one of the last sources they check online that leads them into a stupor of apathy, sickness and confusion. Like we said before, a big part of it is you don't have the background knowledge or the critical thinking skills necessary to know what is real. The end result is you leave it up to someone else and that is mainly someone on the internet who is often paid to write counter disinformation about subjects. I was one of those people who read about much of the content on my site 20+ years ago but in the early days of the internet and me being very young, I grudgingly followed sites like Quackwatch. I knew there was a lot of quackery, and I saw large portions of ritualistic behaviors in sick people around me talking about the latest fad or some multi-level marketing scheme. This led me even further into apathy but I didn't know of anyone in real life or online to confirm or disqualify what I was reading or watching anywhere. The bare minimum realization didn't occur until I read my own bloodwork and compared it to other countries along with my knowledge and experience.

.. and leads countless others into apathy

I grew up very near Detroit, USA when I was younger, and we received almost all of our television from the United States. I watched a lot of television series like "In Living Color" and for my age probably was not appropriate with the content on the show. Nonetheless, they were and are many of the popular media programming available that provides people the wrong idea on many subjects including healthcare and controversial topics such as race. They often depict certain topics in a way to provoke public attention to the point of absurdity. Now it is getting even worse because media companies know people are getting their information from less biased sources. They know this, and they have entered into a self-destructive cycle of displaying absurdity, destroying their audience, and getting even more absurd to try to raise ratings for advertisers. They have reached their point of no return or their point of marginal utility. Basically they have destroyed their audience! Individuals enter into the same self-destructive cycle and eventually crash into the doctor's office and put on drugs they see on those advertisements on television.

Media trashes good people & ideas

The second step is that people are generally susceptible to marketing and they lack critical thinking skills for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest is when you are unhealthy, but told you are healthy, your consciousness level is lowered and you generally have tell-tale signs of toxicity. Once people are weakened it becomes easier to believe what a group of people called authorities tell you without questioning it. Your job, after all, is simply to go to work, party hard on the weekends, then eventually end up in the doctor's office after years of abusing your body then given drugs or worse. The doctor in this image was mine for a few years before he retired and I wanted to see him sooner. He was my mother's doctor as well since around 1998, but I thought he was another run-of-the-mill doctor who had a 'alternative health' slant. I saw his functional and integrative medical credentials but I thought what I read on google about it was somewhat true. I was totally wrong and I know he is of the many doctors the establishment have eliminated because of how they throw out the collectivist guidelines that conventional medicine is founded on.
evolutionary diet vs modern

We are regressive; not progressive

If you are looking for generalized proof without saying much technical detail all you have to show someone is a chart like this. It shows how ancient humans had far less dis-seases when they lived in the relative wild and mainly only started to become sicker as they started industrial processes. These industrial processes are good for many things but not for our food supply and environment. You can't treat food like an industrialized commodity because it then becomes acceptable to strip the essential nutrients out of them and what we end up with is empty food. Eventually we end up with empty people and that's what's been happening and disease rates have skyrocketed to astronomical proportions. Cellular inflammation comes about from your body not being able to maintain and repair itself because it doesn't get what it needs from the food supply. Many of the same processes used to make that industrialized food also seeps into our water, air and blocks the beneficial absorption of many things and also destroys our internal microbiota.