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Learn the links between your body's inner workings -- its metabolism -- and your outer workings with others -- relationships. Psychology taught at schools is currently mostly reductionist in nature.
Find out why some people appear to be such nitwits and discontents. It's only because of the food they ate last night.
Learn how to save your marriage from disaster before the system chews you up. The problem isn't always someone else -- it is likely you!
Learn why most people who have been jailed aren't some demonic entities. They are humans with real problems that can be significantly improved if not totally reversed. An arrest shouldn't be a death sentence.

Your body is metabolism

Awareness of nutrient levels is relatively unknown and the biggest reason for this is that it is not part of the reductionist, acute, big pharma oriented design.

Why is that?

You think it would be, because botanists know more about how a plant's lifecycle than today's doctors know about human ones. That's because today's western doctor is trained isn't trained in individual biochemistry.

Why is that?

We have to remember all the substances in your bodily tissues, chiefly your blood, fluctuate hourly and therefore the "good food" you ate last night is likely already out of your system.

Nutrition isn't food!

Did you know the dating market is very similar to the products and services you purchase on a daily basis? There is one very important fact in the dating market: Pareto Principle along with Briffault's Law. It states that 80% of women try to have a relationship with 20% of men they perceive to be "high value." It is even more prevalent in today's world of perceived interconnectedness with low-cost and free communication technologies. There's also the concept of "Sexual Market Value" (SMV) which also shows at what point during a person's lifetime their sexual market value builds, maintains, and then plummets, and aging is a significant factor of this analysis. Indeed, much like the aforementioned "fake labour shortage" we already mentioned on previous pages, the dating world also has a fake shortage of sorts, but not as pronounced, noticeable, or even politically correct to speak about. Not many people are remotely aware of such things, but that is why you are here.

Sex Robot Invasion: World Gone Mad

Comically, now Sex Robots are becoming very popular and the popular origins are from Japan's "Herbivore men" who are shunning the risky proposition of dating. It isn't only females shying away from legally-binding relationships as sales of these devices are even more popular among women! While our politicians import millions of new immigrants, Japan doesn't do this. They refuse to participate in the globalization scheme to the extent that the Western world has.

'Industrialized' dropping fertility, Potenger's Cat Experiments & Others

Potenger's cat experiments in the 1950s showed that introducing mainly refined, processed foods into the diet of cats produced very sick offspring. Each generation produced sicker offspring than the last, until such point where they got sicker younger, and eventually could no longer reproduce. This is also happening to humans in especially the 'industrialized world' (not much industry there anymore). This points out that there's no such thing as a balanced diet, and that diet is not the only factor especially in human development that determines their lives.

Power dynamics in relationships

What I found chiefly in family dynamics is that there is a pecking order like in any other sector of life. Your biochemical state strongly influences your mood, thoughts and the plasticity of your brain and whether or not you will get any kind of "personality label." Instead of embracing these label as your identity as myself did or many do, we should try to understand the meaning behind terms such as "narcissist" and others. Most of the time the person accusing others are actually projecting their own view of the world. A huge part of it is their lack of brain plasticity to make links between ideas, have a stronger imagination to see others' point of view without being given a non-productive label. Even the authors in these videos don't speak about nutritional psychology as it is very new and non-reductionist.

Your brain

This is what the reductionist view is good at: looking at separate parts and explaining how it all works, but it has limitations: it doesn't explain why these centers get triggered or are dominant over others.

Your brain

A big part of it is the interaction with the other parts of the body where it gets fuel and other substances. The brain takes up more than 20% of your energy reserves yet it is less than 2 lbs of weight. That means it's very important!

Your brain

When your brain doesn't get what it needs it starts to malfunction and leads other parts of the body to malfunction.

All-time high singledom

Compared to the single rate in the 1950s of a lowly approximate of 15% we now have more than 52% of people in the USA declaring themselves as single.