Guidelines: Different Types For Your Health

Lots of people including myself didn't realize there were general guideline and individual guidelines and the difference between what your doctor uses.
  • General Guidelines
  • Individual Guidelines
  • 'Conventional medicine"
General Guidelines
General Guidelines
Individual Guidelines
Individual Guidelines
'Conventional medicine"
'Conventional medicine"
General Guidelines
General guidelines are those you find on the back of any medical or supplement bottle. They are meant for a statistical average, but you are likely not average, so you would need more, less, or none at all depending on your unique body & life situation. This is more of a reductionist approach. Most mainstream nutritionists, doctors, dietiticians, "new age gurus" talk only about "whole foods" but not if they contain what you need on a regular basis.
Individual Guidelines
Individual guidelines are not found on bottles of supplements or medications. They are found from a consultant, like me, who bases his recommendations from qualitative and quantitative data such as tests and examinations. I, along with holistic practitioners, operate on non-reductionist system. You likely need to take supplements by another route to increase absorption to near 100%
"Conventional" Medical System
Generally your doctor doesn't study individualized metabolism/cellular function. They are strictly acute-based and operate a "one size fits all, symptom management" system where they give the same pill/treatment to everyone who presents the same symptoms. Little to no reversals/cures for chronic conditions because they operate on reductionist science.

No Health Insurance

Learn cost effective, body-native solutions to keep your bodily cellular structure in tip top condition. Best of all, learn how to provide what your body needs to even reverse conditions your doctor is throwing pills at you for without horrifying side effects.

In fact, most of the pharmaceuticals being prescribed are reverse engineered from nature.

You are what you absorb!

Many of us have absorption problems in this heavily toxified world. Even if you put what you think is healthy food down your throat doesn't mean you are absorbing it.

Guideline Case Studies

I was one of those who knew taking supplements was a good idea, but I didn't know which ones to take, how much, what method of delivery, and other factors. The bare minimum refers to those recommendations made for that specific issue.

The more complete recommendation would be much more thorough and involve more examinations and interpretations, and more supplements in a variety of different ways. This would have other positive side effects such as restoring most, if not all bodily functions as close to those as they were in their 20 to 30 age range.

Jim is 42 years old, works as an entry-level computer technical support specialist.

Eats mostly junk food on breaks, but eats healthier food at home. This is a very stressful position that pays little and he doesn't know what supplements to purchase. He has moods swings, greying hair, His main complaint is his mood swings affecting his marriage.
Eats mostly junk food on breaks, but eats healthier food at home. This is a very stressful position that pays little and he doesn't know what supplements to purchase. He has moods swings, greying hair, His main complaint is his mood swings affecting his marriage.

Jane is a welder at a very hectic metal fabrication operation. She is 56 years old and close to going to part-time because she cannot handle life and the job.

Since she is a welder, she is exposed to significant amounts of manganese oxides. Her life at home is not particularly stressful, as she just sits and watches TV when she gets home. Yet, she has severe depression every month or so that lasts a few days.
In the absence of blood, hair and tissue testing, we need to narrow down what could be causing that sporadic depression. It may be that she is being exposed to something she cannot see in her home.

Dave is a technical support person who works long hours in a high stress office environment.

He is having severe depression nearly continuously and tries to self medicate with alcohol. This makes it worse.
Minimum his problem is he is lacking intrinsic factor, and his vitamin B12 requirements are not being met not only because of this problem processing B12 from food, but also it is relatively absent from it in Western society. To maintain his mental sanity, but also his nerves and central nervous system, he receives a weekly B12 subcutaneous injection. It was also discovered he had a hiatal hernia since childhood and was undetected from previous doctors since childhood.

Jill has 5 to 6 common colds per year and she can't nail down the cause of this.

We advised Jill there are more issues than simply a common cold, but she decided to do the bare minimum at this time mainly due to constraints.
We conducted allergy testing and found she has hidden allergy to dairy products. This has been known to cause many problems but chiefly common colds. At the very least she eliminated dairy products from her diet and has no more common colds, but also noticed she has a clearer mind. She will perform more testing as time and situation permits in the near future to further improve her health.

Don was told by his doctor he has "pre-diabetes" and gave him a script. He knows this drug has terrible side effects and wants a more body-native solution.

Don is living an unhealthy life working one of the most high-risk jobs for diabetes: a transport truck driver.
After a series of tests, we found that Don had some imbalances and some allergies that his doctor isn't trained to detect and/or treat without major side effects from drugs.

At the bare minimum we advised him to get more exercise, eat more plants, and start either a weekly suppository or injection of B-complex and Vitamin C ascorbate mixture from us. He is afraid of these alternatives because he's used to taking supplements by mouth.

We advised him if he wishes to avoid daily insulin injections he had best start these supplementation regimes.

Lots of guys and girls are avoiding the dating market entirely for many reasons.

In fact, the record keepers are showing that over 52% of the population in the US is single. Looking back into history, back in 1952 the single rate was only 15%. I avoided the dating market mainly because gender roles have significantly changed and men aren't viewed as they once were. Many people place their confidence level on their employment & income level, but they rarely realize this mainly comes from their mindset determined by proper healthcare.

It's not only because of changing gender roles

Reductionist science also has its' tentacles in the social sciences, even the dismal science of economics. They do not take into account that the healthcare system is based on reductionist science, therefore can't effectively prevent diseases, nor properly treat them without major side effects. This has a huge effect on the mental health of generations and has a catastrophic effect on the marriage rates, and thus the stability of the birth rate.

Labour market

Labour market

How did we end up working class poor in 30 years?

How did we end up working class poor in 30 years?