Medical & Self-Help Your Father, Doctor & Online "Experts" Didn't Know
The truth is offensive, so be ready to be offended.
Your body can heal itself if provided what it needs.
Nutrition isn't only food: there are 8 ways to get things into your body
Search engines poor source for information
"They'll fix you; they fix everything"
One ounce of prevention is worth one pound of cure

Avoid Dentist Drills & Doctor Bills

My family, myself, and people I personally know of have been literally butchered by the medical system. A big part of the problem was conflicting healthcare information from ignorant people including nurses & doctors who had no solutions. Find out what I can do to help you avoid similar problems with time-tested, body-native tools. Many of these tools you can use yourself, but you need someone like me who's been through it to guide you.
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Apathetic denial & delay equals eventual forced Emergency Room & Drugs/Surgery for life

The longer your apathy continues and you try "do it yourself' medicine, the chances of you landing in the ER or DR's office against your will rises exponentially.  Lots of people try "do it yourself" medicine with diets and other fads but they never know what's happening inside their bodies and convince themselves something works.  How do you actually know what you are doing is working as you think it does? You don't!

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