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Lots of workers but employers have vast choices

I've worked in a wide variety of places mainly revolving around information technology, but also teaching english overseas, general labour, and some positions where I had to train myself for subjects that are not taught in 'conventional' government-accredited schools (we can see where those have been going for quite some time!).  One of the biggest obstacles I have seen is not my "unconventional' formal education & experience background, but age discrimination.  I have run into a few companies so far who have tried to determine my age by floating around with questions such as "what was your favorite subject in high school" and other related questions.  A outlier reader and observer would view these as probable questions to see how fast I could remember or something like that.  When I looked up reviews of these companies I have read that it is a common tactic especially about information technology organizations to have a relatively young workforce mainly because of the rapidly-changing nature of information technology skillsets, the desire of organizations to keep wages/benefits down, and to gave a more naive workforce ready to indulge in post-teen drinking, drugs and other shenanigans that older employees who have already been there, would mostly scoff at as being a very unhealthy lifestyle and company culture.

Aging workforce solutions: Keep people younger, longer as Japan does

Theoretically, if one started anti-aging lifestyle and body-native testing and treatments based on those tests, one could still have the mind and body of someone in their much younger years and still compete with people in their 20s. That is, this would be given that you started them in your 20s or 30s.  Trying to repair the kind of cellular damage in your 50s and 60s when you've already destroyed them would probably not be feasible. Indeed, one of the big factors among western culture in general is that age is a burden especially in sectors of the economy with fast-changing knowledge obsolescence.  The stigma is that older people generally do not learn as fast, and won't be able to integrate into a younger workforce culture already described above.  As seen from the so-called pandemic, governments around the world are starting to restrict immigration, so one could logically see (if all things were equal) that these power-brokers would be forced to somehow keep older workers on the job longer.