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It is a popular trope or saying to state things like "doctors and big pharma are only in it for the money," but it is easy to say that when you haven't been personally affected by this situation, nor realize the  real alternatives that used to be common practice!  It is almost that people who repeat such phrases think that is the only solution!  This is total nonsense and a total disregard to the body-native capability of the human body to maintain and repair itself when the body has what it needs. 

Most of the time human do not have what they need to do so and those reasons mainly relate to what the body need and the realization we can no longer get what we need from only food, chiropractors, massage therapists and other singular ways at looking at the human condition.

As I mentioned all over this site, I used to suffer from what is best described as an intense depression that manifested not only as psychological but also physically but in very subtle ways.

I was also sometimes very distracted, anxious and almost every other negative psychological symptom you could imagine. It was not until I was 38 years old that my new doctor at the time sent me for a check for my liver because of my complaints after having lived in another country where I was told I had an amoebic infection.

The ultrasounds came back saying I had some kind of benign lump on my liver but also showing that I had some kind of hiatal hernia.  To think this news came to me about the hernia when I was 38 and not 15 years old is not a surprise with the underfunded healthcare system in Canada. 

The main point is that entire body is determined by our metabolism and doctors in the western world are not trained in individual metabolism of the cells.  This is also called biochemical individuality!

We also have to remember that our metabolism and our levels of the 50 or so vital substances that we have imbalances in change hourly with our food, our environment, our work, our stressful lives bombarded with all sorts of stimulatory systems.

Below is a video of Dr. Abram Hoffer, one of Canada's forgotten and ignored psychiatrists and doctors who actually focused on reversals (also called 'cures') rather than simply symptom management by dishing out endless pills, perpetual doctor visits.  You could say these are modern-day, reductinist science versions of the barbaric practice of cutting up peoples' brains in a process called lobotomy that was discredited long ago.  \

In the Western world at least, we are starting to see recognition that the symptom management paradigm that doctors practice is slowly being replaced with less reductionist science to more holistic, with less use of artificial substances, and more use of body-native substances to allow the body to repair itself. 

There is nothing flakey about this idea whatsoever!

Enter Psycho-neuro-endocrinology

Psycho-neuro-endocrinology is the branch of science that studies the relationship between the endocrine system, the nervous system and psychology.  This is not addressed by the conveyor-belt-like system of reductionist science by seeing individual specialists who rarely communicate with each other about a patient.  They focus on the body's individual systems instead of the person as a whole.

As we have previously stated, there are significant amounts of people who require much higher amounts of vital micronutrients and sometimes higher than 90 times more than the 'regular person.'  These people often require regular injections of these substances but don't know about this concept, and in fact virtually no one knows about it.  Many people would see this as a hindrance but actually research is showing these people who present with conditions not being treated because of the lack of these substances are actually at an evolutionary advantage compared to others.  They are also very often more physically attractive compared to others.