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It is a well-known fact that disinformation campaigns are rampant in the healthcare realm.  This has been true for thousands of years as this sector is one of the most misunderstood because of the perception that complex subjects are best left up "to the experts."

The simple fact remains that the "experts" people speak of are specialized in reductionist science.  Indeed, that is the same reason you go to a school where you study and practice a subject in depth, in a specialized, reductionist way without paying much attention to the broader scope of what impact those practices you implement in society and to the environment around you.  If they are studied, it is only a very small proportion because you had to make that a specialization as well, you would be in school for another 25 years.

Many reputable studies have been performed showing links between very large, well-funded organizations and their abilities to influence policy makers and others.  These groups of people are typically called "lobbyists" and they wield powerful influence on not only politicians, but also the search engines you typically use on a daily basis.

deceptive attacks on natural products