Healthcare Modalities: Differences

Fiirst: we need to make comparisons.
When I speak about polar opposites (as most people do) in regards to healthcare I still get tons of people say: "I've heard of germ vs terrain model; reductionist vs non-reductionist; holistic vs conventional, yet I am still not convinced." What are they not convinced of? Have they not been through the drive-thru conveyor belt "free" medical system we have now where you can barely find a doctor to give you his crude treatments?
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There are many modalities with some being more western-based with more quantifiable measurements. These are what people call "science" because it has hard data and very measureable components. Then there are those without much of that and would be considered things like spiritual modalities or energy medicine and is usually what is refered to as "pseudo-science." These modalities are what are cherry-picked by those trying to discredit something that doesn't have a brand name on it as big pharma drugs do.
The differences between modalities are significant. First we need to know the difference between reductionist and non-reductionist science and those that use them both. Then there is the concepts of germ and terrain model. Reductionist would be germ model and non-reductionist would be terrain model.
healthcare modalities compared

How about a sterile doctor's office?

No, none of them look, smell or feel like a place of health because they aren't places of health. They are places where people go when they are sick primarily because their sicknesses were not prevented. First we need to realize humans are not inanimate objects but living beings with their skin being the largest organ of their body that is full of things we can't easily see such as pores, capillaries and so on. First we must ask: what are the alternatives to this and why did today's modalities we call "alternative" become the opposite when most of them used to be the main mode of keeping healthy? A big part of this is our entire societies and lives have become regimented, driven into segments of time and our food has been treated the same. Everything has been reduced into their sub-components and this isn't entirely a bad thing. It is harmful when it is the only method used to view ourselves and the world around us which has happened slowly over the decades. Indeed, as it has been said before: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

You need to focus on the important to you & combine them!

Many have been trained to imagine scenes like this when they hear the word "alternative medicine." This is mostly because they hear people talk about non-number or not easily quantifiable modalities such as energy medicine. Many have come to expect instant results just like they have come to expect instant oatmeal or instant coffee. The irony is that being a human is not being a car you can easily replace a part because biology is perceived to move slower than technology we use on a daily basis. The reality is that living organisms, or also called life itself, is intelligence and alive, while the car you use on a daily basis isn't. Our bodies could move as fast but our understanding of it still to this day doesn't allow us to manipulate it to the standards of the way we perceive it to be. With that, our first impressions are usually what shapes our image of what someone or something is and this was true for me. My mother was the one primarily having face-to-face contact & decisions regarding me and my sister's health and my father was also very frustrated with my mother's health and her problems. I remember she took me to an "Iridologist" back in 1993 when I was 13 years old where some older man examined my eyes. The strange thing is this person had very strong peppermint odor emanating from his mouth and making my eyes water to which he was asking "why are your eyes watering?" I simply shut up like the good, obedient person I was. I was thinking to myself "is this guy an idiot or what? He's blowing the peppermint vapor right into my eyes while in close proximity to me with a flashlight shined into my eyes!"

Find out what you need as an individual

Now, when someone talks about how great their massage therapist is at aleviating their depression they don't know 100% if it is only their muscles causing their depression. The fact is there is more going on inside your body and one of the first things you should check at the minimum is your blood. What tests does your cash-strapped doctor run and what are his specialties? The average government-funded doctor isn't trained in individual metabolism & cellular nutrition. I grew up hearing that nutrition was mainly only food and I didn't fully realize there are far more effective ways to get things into your body. Why do we need to revert to using things like inhalants or injections? Sometimes they aren't needed permanently and it may be that you just need to heal your gut to allow your intestines' natural bacteria, viruses and flora to allow to make it again. It all depends on the individual!

Reductionism is everywhere

Reductionism is everywhere! It's the component of the "take this for that" mindset that the conventional medical system uses for acute rather than curative and preventive medicine. The only way to do prevention and curative medicine is to recognize individual lifestyles and biochemistry. Look at this image of this woman going tanning because she believes she is getting tons of Vitamin D. Remember: 97% of US residents are deficient in this substance along with just about all others! The problem with this image is it is a horribly inefficient way to get the pre-hormone Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) and it's not the only thing your body needs. This is more of a line of thinking only for those concerned with vanity and looks and the medical system is geared toward that as well. For example, you go to your doctor for an infection and he gives you anti-biotics. Do you know what that is doing to chiefly your microbiome along with your poor diet you think is healthy? The condition may be gone but large segments of your gut bacteria were killed.
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