Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


I used to have a somewhat skewed idea of what the wide-ranged 'alternative health' sector was. That is until I got real treatment from a functional medical doctor. He couldn't tell me everything however.


I used to be apathetic on many issues and simply let my symptoms slide and told it was "growing pains" then I was told it was labels that required medications such as sleep, severe depression, weight loss. I rectified my apathy by educating myself but had significant help.


Disease is the macro-manifestation of cellular and lifestyle dysfunction. Beneath the skin, down on the micro cellular level we see a wide range of imbalances shows through measurements. Drugs simply mask symptoms, push them deeper, while other cellular dysfunctions develop and require more drugs and eventual surgery, followed by more symptom management.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

These questions I've received over the years and didn't have a full answer to frustrated me very much to this day. Hopefully they will shed some light on some of the perplexing questions you have.

In regards to the medical system in general, in at least North America, many people say they "trust the science." What does that mean?

Many people I run into say that phrase but when I ask them for details, they cannot provide them. If they do it is often very vague and repeated mechanically, so I show them evidence such as the fact that 'modern medicine' only largely practices symptom management and not reversals or the cliched term "cure."

I've actually had quite a few people who don't know me at all yet they hurl insults, but this shows their state of mind, view of the world, and their intense frustration. This is something undeniable even to the most resistant, so when you look into this and the details, you will eventually realize everything we say is true. Indeed, there is no magic pill that will cure cancer or any other 'condition' that was brought upon your body and mind by a deteriorating system by not addressing root causes with individualized metabolism and cellular nutrition. 'Modern medicine' therefore isn't as modern as you think.

Basically when someone says "I trust the science" it means they don't understand any of it but choose fallacious statements from someone who claims to be an authority, yet there are very few solutions. They also don't know the science they claim to 'trust' is based on the reductionist science based germ model/theory with perpetual scripts, surgeries, and a perpetual research industry that is unsustainable.

"Why is my husband, boyfriend, son so resistant to this type of information?"

Men are not trained to worry about their health as much as women, and minimum sociologists have proven this. It is not only a cultural thing, but also biological wiring. People resistant to new ideas also have a type of early onset dementia in the form of rigid thoughts, lack of imagination, lack of linking ideas, and illogical "beliefs." Since the body is part of the mind they also present with symptoms like obesity, white spots on finger nails and other physical stagnations & deteriorations. This type of term would be lack of brain/gut plasticity and under-nourished cells along with reductionist definitions such as only "blood circulation problems due to malfunctioning veins in the brain." are a big part of this problem. One of big deficiencies there is ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which provides collagen production for those vein walls among others. Their doctors are not trained to recognize this until they see the final breakdown of systems and label it many things and prescribe a drug(s). There's also a big factor that they don't have the background or developed critical thinking skills to know what is accurate or not; this is most prevalent with apathy-generating online searches.

"I don't get it: isn't my work healthcare enough for me and my family?"

Of course, it depends on your insurance plan because some good ones have availability for some of the modalities listed here, but it's not common. On the outset, employer-provided healthcare is simply there for keeping you at least on the "acute mindset" but not optimally. In essence health insurance is sick insurance, or not a solid prevention-based system. Optimizing your life and especially your cells is the foundation for preventing conditions and virtually eliminating the need for all the specialists and drugs that present themselves because of said cellular system breakdown.

Does your blood testing and 'healthcare' list all of these substances in your body? Not at all because your doctor isn't trained in it!

"I keep hearing our environment is polluted, our food is degraded and so on. How true is this?"

This is very true, but also part of the mythical and inaccurate "one-size-fits-all," "take this for that" mindset many people have. These are acute and generalist mindsets your doctor uses. They goal is to prevention of illnesses chiefly before the cellular damage (dis-ease) is too severe to rectify without lifetime dependence on drugs!

Many don't even realize how industrialized everything in our lives, including our food production and ourselves have become They don't know how toxic sludge from waste treatment plants are spread all over even 'organic food' called biosolids. Yet we are told to worry about relatively frivolous things by the media such as plastic in water bottles, 'climate change/warming/cooling,' and many other popular brands repeated in the media to cause needless fear.

It's become a conveyor belt-like existence where everything and everyone is reduced to their component parts on an assembly line. As you can see having 'polluted food' that is within government 'acceptable safety range' is not necessarily entirely bad for everyone as we all have very different metabolisms and handles everything differently.

These toxins even in the drinking water and air we breath block and even change the way our bodies assimilate these vital substances. What's been going on for decades is similar to the dystopian novels and films such as "Soylent Green" and "Planet of the Apes."

"“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

"People tell me or others to 'get some help' in a demeaning way without any suggestions on what to do. Why do they say this?"

A big part of it is their frustration in dealing with someone who is clearly having problems. Another part of it is they haven't dealt with their arrested development problems themselves and hence the reason they say it in a demeaning way. Also a big part of it is they have no idea what to do themselves except taking you to a budget-deprived, government hospital where they will probably just stick you into confinement and push drugs into your body.
This is all while their lives are probably more unhealthier than yours, but they don't know it! While going to a hospital isn't entirely terrible, it is a way to calm you down long enough to get some healthy food into you, but doesn't address your unique biochemical requirements.

Large institutional hospitals for the "mentally ill" were originally designed to be holistic places to properly treat patients medical problems, but when socialized medicine and big pharma came about, this presented a huge political advantage for vote-hungry politicians. Having worked at one in Canada myself, I saw how these places were entirely self-contained communities with their own food production and even bowling alleys!

"Why doesn't the medical system adopt these ideas you espouse on this site? Isn't this all just 'conspiracy theory'?"

To label someone as "conspiracy theorist" when seeing even a hint of this information is part of the conditioning process to automatically dismiss often by the same people who claim to be "free thinkers" and "intelligent." It's much more fun to actually examine this information first.

Like virtually all public sector bureaucracies: they move very slow and don't have the same competitive pressures as quasi or private sector organizations.

I'm sure you've seen 'conditions' like fibromyalgia scoffed-at by doctors maybe 20 - 25 years ago. Now it's becoming more commonly recognized along with many others that used to be ridiculed! The same goes for many other conditions and medical research! Estimates show the adoption of the latest research by the public sector medical bureaucracies are on average 20 to 30 years behind the latest research!

The shift to more holistic, integrative, and root cause medicine incorporating less focus on reductionist medicine is taking a major leap as we speak with this so-called "pandemic."

Basically the people calling others names are showing their immaturity and their frustration with their lack of understanding. They will be one of the first at their doctor's office with blank stares asking for a magic pill to combat side effects from other pills.

"I trust my doctor with a broken leg so why not with experimental therapies or chronic dis-eases?"

Because the medical system is geared toward acute problems and not chronic ones.

You say peoples' bloodwork in North America is "Abnormal" 9 times ouf of 10. What do you mean by this?

Well the proof is in the pudding: Look at yourself in the mirror and check how much junk food, alcohol, toxic situations and trivial decisions you make. Your blood work levels of your foundational and necessary substances like vitamins, minerals, hormones, amino acids and others are directly correlated with many things but most importantly your immune function and ability to fend off pathogens being one of the most concerning in daily life.

Look at the following table showing ONLY 4 different standards of serum static blood results around the world. Who do you think is going to be healthier with everything else being equal? The answer is going to be the person with the OPTIMAL levels. There are other ways to test your blood and not simply the static, snap-shot in time serum blood tests. There are others that measure a specific history over time without taking multiple tests over that period. If you are located in the western world (canada, USA, europe) your doctor is unlikely to be trained in these levels and what would be appropriate and optimal for YOUR body, but the general guideline for optimal level would be Japan and other countries where these level standards are much higher.

This means your doctor in Canada, USA if he measured only B12 and said that the first reading was normal, that would not be true at least for YOU and definitely not for people in Japan where they live healthier, longer lives.

"I heard Vitamin D or Pine needle tea or something else is touted as some miracle. Is that true?"

The first problem with these kinds of questions is it is part of the mindset that the human condition and body is some type of car or product from wal-mart with replaceable or modifiable parts (this is reductionist science).

Those who speak about some kind of "supernatural" abilities of singular substances such as these aren't talking about the concept of other substances native to the human body working in concert with the others.

They also do not speak about how long a substance such as "pine needles" would stay in your system, what it does, for how long, and what dosage. It is more of a type of, as we say in psychology, 'magical thinking" very present in pseudo-scientific subjects.

Vitamin D along with other misunderstood compounds are far more than benign substances many people think a "vitamin" is. It and other body-native substances are actually hormones, or chemical messengers (among many other things) that the body needs to maintain and repair without pharmaceuticals. These pharma concoctions are often reverse-engineered from natural substances and sold back to us unbeknownst to most nay-sayers and illogical doubters.

"I already take some type of supplement, like vitamin B12 or some fancier thing like those found on Dr. Oz or Dr. Mercola, yet I still don't feel any better, why is this?"

That's mostly because you don't know what is contained in those supplements, what dosage, what form, how long they stay in your body and even if they make it past your digestive system!

I was one of those people who tried all kinds of things and felt better for a little while, but I wasn't sure if it was only my mind tricking itself I was feeling better (the placebo effect). You have to realize the marketing from supplement providers don't include information about how to obtain individualized consultation and where to get the specific proper tests. More importantly they do not tell you where to find the most qualified doctors and practitioners who know how to analyze these results among others!

"My relative, or friend is a doctor or nurse and they tell me taking all these supplements is a waste of money and time, is that true?"

No, not true whatsoever. People who say these things are speaking from ignorance yet they think they are educated, yet they work with and see sick people on a daily basis and they never wonder why? These people are frequently some of the sickest people I've seen making statements about health! As a general guideline, when you compare the levels of specifically the vitamins and minerals in your body, did you know Japan's doctors would tell you (if they tested them all, they don't in Canada) they would tell 9 out of 10 people these levels are far too low? That is simply a general guideline and not specific to your unique biochemistry and lifestyle/work environment. You do, however, urinate and lose *some* of any substance in your body as normal part of metabolism, but that is more complex.

There isn't much of a regulatory body other than the natural order of the jungle out there in many fields, and the natural health field is no exception.

We have to remember there are a large number of people who have "magical thinking" in that they have dream-like ideas but can't explain much in a logical fashion and those would be chiefly abstract conceptions such as how chemistry works and so on.

I have heard a lot of people call themselves all kinds of things -- even those claiming to be home inspectors -- but they don't spend 8 to 10 hours inspecting a house as they should. They spend maybe 2 to 3 hours yet still get work. The point is that simply because someone claims to be something doesn't mean they are competent. A good indicator of a good practitioner is one who obtains good reviews and explains complex topics in such a way that even a child would understand!

I would not want someone who can't explain individual biochemical individuality -- or how every and each person's needs are different -- to me! If someone tells me things she/he has read off some internet website from so-called gurus then that wouldn't be a very good indicator of competence.

"How many Canadians have chronic illnesses?"

It's much worse than you think! Below is from this link.

The World Health Organization estimates that 50% of the global burden of disease is chronic illness. Chronic disease is also a significant concern for Canadians, with one-half (51.6%) of the population over the age of 20 having one or more chronic diseases. Since chronic diseases are long lasting, illnesses can have a compounding and sustained effect on the social, physical, psychological and economic levels of the individual and broader society.

Chronic diseases are estimated to cost Canadians $68 billion in direct healthcare costs and $122 billion in productivity losses.

As outlined by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, a more effective approach to combatting chronic disease would recognize the following:

Chronic disease is ongoing, and warrants proactive, planned, integrated care within a system that patients can navigate.

Patients need to be active partners in managing their condition, rather than passive recipients of care.

A multi-faceted approach needs to be taken where clinicians and non-clinicians from multiple disciplines work closely together.

Chronic disease can be prevented and thus requires health promotion and disease prevention strategies targeted at the whole population and especially those at risk.

For the better part of the last four decades, many health agencies have advocated for a model focused on preventing and forestalling the onset of disease as the best solution to the growing crisis of chronic disease.

Yet we have remained stuck in an acute care paradigm…until now.

Here you will see Dr. Abram Hoffer say the medical system is structured in such a way that they have to keep a certain percentage of people sick in order to treat them.

Where's the proof that the terrain model shows there's virtually no such thing as disease?

Yep, you must think I am out of my mind, but the person wearing a spacesuit to go to the gym isn't?

In the 1800s, the French chemist Louis Pasteur popularized the germ theory, proposing that microorganisms are the cause of most diseases. This paved the way for antibiotics—which kill both good and bad bacteria—and vaccines—which seek to prevent single diseases.

By contrast, Pasteur’s friend, physiologist Claude Bernard, taught that the ‘terrain’ of the human body was more important than the ‘pathogens’ that infect it. We are surrounded by, and even harbor, microorganisms in our bodies. When exposed to pathogens, we become ill if our defenses are weakened by deficiencies or toxicities. Unlike the germ theory, the terrain theory explains why some people get sick while others, when exposed to the same pathogens, do not. For this reason, it is said that on his death bed, Pasteur admitted, “Bernard was right: the pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything.” Health experts continue to ignore Bernard’s wisdom, focusing solely on finding ways to kill ever-changing microorganisms. Conspicuously absent from all the public pronouncements are recommendations on how to strengthen the immune system so it can protect you from the current pandemic, the next one, and the one after that.

Why constant research and no cures for such things as cancer, diabetes and other chronic 'dis-eases?"

Yes, you are probably wondering why 'scientists' have been 'researching' for a magic pill for all kinds of disease. First we must ask: why do we have so many of these if there are so many people who call themselves experts? What good are they? It's not very complicated. They are using the germ model of biology which constantly looks for and tries to make a chemical and/or surgical treatment to rid the body of a certain problem. Do they ever ask what causes these things in the beginning? One of the biggest factors is your diet and if your body actually absorbs what it should from food going into the mouth or other routes including your job that may be toxic.

Why didn't doctors find my condition before it developed?

That's because Western doctors are trained in reductionist science, which is more geared toward acute problems such as injuries. Like previously stated, they aren't trained much in cellular nutrition, function and metabolism like a veterinarian or botanist would be. What this is saying is they aren't much trained in prevention! It isn't "You have diabetes" or " you don't have diabetes." The truth is you are all disease states at once, but it is just the predisposition influenced by many things in life that leads to the eventual development of the brand or label they give you at the doctors office. I for one don't want to be treated as a product from wal-mart and neither should you!

"Isn't my condition just genetic therefore there's nothing I can do about it?"

Self-defeatism runs rampant in our world and I used to be largely of that mindset. I thought there was nothing that could be done for my problems and I fell into the cycle of despair. Just because someone gives a very general, unscientific term "it's genetic" shouldn't be enough to warrant total apathy and despair. The truth is there are very practical, inexpensive general ways you can at least improve any health condition you may have. On the most optimistic side you could actually totally reverse and even enhance your health with general but more importantly with the personalized approach using testing and interpretation your government doctors aren't trained in.

In fact, one can easily order a DNA testing kit online and in the results it will show most of your single nucleotide polymorphisms, or in other words, all your genetic variations and predispositions to certain labelled diseases that you can take action on with the help of a good consultant. So you can see there is nothing "wishy washy" as some people think when they examine some of this information on this site. Actually I have been mocked from some ignorant people who call themselves intelligent for this information! Unbelievable isn't it?

"We keep hearing about 'mental illness' but why are we keep seeing reports of violent crime labeled as such and why are so many people diagnosed as such?"

That's because there's no such thing as 'mental illness' according to the more accurate terrain model. All of Western reductionist science is based on the germ model. Take a look at the DSM, the psychiatrist's manual, and you will find little to no scientific explanations for all their stigmatizing labels with little to no solutions.

We also have to remember the head is not the mind because it has been proven that the brain is part of the body, and all parts of the body are dependent on each other. This should be called "common sense," but that term has also lost its meaning and become a meaningless cliche. Once you look at the body holistically you will find most of these people labeled 'mentally ill' actually have very high loads of toxin in their bodies and have cellular nutrient levels that are severely out of balance; for instance B12 deficiency is a major part of general depression but isn't recognized for many reasons. One of the biggest is the way bloodwork is tested, interpreted and how doctors are not trained in biochemical individuality!

In essence we do not have a mental illness crisis; we have a psychiatric and medical misunderstanding crisis with doctors not trained in non-reductionist curriculum!

"Why do I get a bad feeling whenever I hear the word 'natural' in regards to medical information now?"

That's because unscrupulous medical and marketing people have destroyed the original meaning of that word. The truth is that many of these people and companies using that word to sell their products are owned by pharmaceutical companies themselves. This includes many other words and terms such as "organic food" where it has been proven that more than 75% of these labelled products in stores are "organic" to their own definition. In addition, most pharmaceuticals have been reverse-engineered from nature, patented, and sold back to us.

There are also many headlines such as these that people search and say "Look: vitamins cause cancer!" but they rarely open the link to find the deceptive headline speaks about tobacco smokers!

"I watch mainstream popular media, radio and hear all kinds of trivial things. Why is there so much conflicting information out there?"

Disinformation agents celebrity doctors
There's a significant amount of truth mixed with falsehoods found especially online, and it misleads those with inadequate background information to discern if it's true or not. There's also the aforementioned idea that we are 1 dimensional beings along with a "take this for that " mindset. Celebrity doctors are some of the biggest culprits of this. This is not to say the information many of these celebrity medical people is wrong; I am saying they incorporate a significant amount of what viewers may view as trivial especially after searching biased online sources.

Also, the combination of the biased sources found mainly online along with their lack of understanding of the basics leads them to apathy and trashing almost all real healthcare modalities, and lumping many things together. This is especially prevalent in people who claim to be "progressive" which is very strange!

"People like doctors, dietitians and others keep tell me to eat a 'balanced diet,' yet I still feel and look like crap. What is happening and are these people full of it?"

If you look at the chemistry and actions of foods and substances in the environment from your social interactions to natural chemicals in the air, you see that these things stay in the body certain amounts of time in certain concentrations. You soon realize that nutrition doesn't mean food!

Therefore when we look at the diet of each person we see there is no such thing as a 'balanced diet' because we all have different requirements! Also, once you look at the industrially-grown food products in the supermarket you realize how devoid the 'good food' we think we are eating isn't being absorbed or what we need isn't in there! It's not that complicated but the people who claim the opposite aren't trained in these subjects!

Double-blind studies have been performed back as early as the 1950s Canada and USA, but a variety of political factors appeared including socialized medicine and dominance of it by big pharma and politicians promising utopian visions we now see aren't as advertised.

"Why do I get a common cold, influenza? Isn't it because I went outside without a jacket? Isn't it because my child has a cold?"

No, it is not because you went outside with a jacket, but that is one of the precipitating factors that triggers immune response with a very heavy toxic load your body has. The running nose, fever and others you think are a "common cold" or something else are the body's attempts to rid its cells of the offending toxins -- not some kind of witchcraft.

The first step is to try to live a toxic-free life but also obtain proper consultation and testing to see how you do this. It's not only putting a few vitamin C capsules down the hatch because you don't know if your body is absorbing it, and you likely need others. This will prevent not only common cold, influenza, but also prevent and treat existing conditions -- even tooth cavities! Your body can heal itself, remember?

"What is nutritional psychology? Isn't it someone telling me what to eat to make me feel better in my mind?"

Not whatsoever. There are many names to nutritional psychology, and the word 'nutrition' itself has become rather tame because we have seen the word nutrition itself defined as macro-nutrients and rather trivial things like sandwiches and bunches of fruit in advertisements. Remember: industrialized peoples' typically have the most destroyed intestinal assimilation systems and often have their detoxification pathways blocked by a variety of toxic factors.

Therefore these individuals experience drastic improvements in health by individualized supplementation using digestion-bypassing methods such as tiny injections and other routes like daily sublingual and others.

Individualized cellular nutrition is much more powerful than drugs, and without side effects. They are without harmful side effects because they are all native to the human body, and these nutrients have major side benefits instead such as improved heart health, and even the elimination of minor issues such as toenail fungus!

With my individualized help I can show you how to not only rid yourself of your 'mental health' problem but also never get running nose when outside in winter, along with total absence of regular common cold/influenza as I do now.

How is my government doctor different from say, a functional medical specialist?

'Modern science" doctors or "conventional" doctors treat your body and their systems as separate parts. This is also called "organ level" and is the big reason when you go to your GP he "gives you pills" (as the famous cliche goes) because he/she practices symptom management and not root cause medicine. Root cause medicine has many different names including functional, integrative. Basically it is the analysis of the root cause of illness and virtually all of the time it is the cells in your body malfunctioning because they haven't been getting what they need to survive. Genetics plays a large part and that is another aspect doctors don't practice on an individual level.

Their concentration is on the average statistical level and that's the large reason why it is the mantra of "one specific pill, per symptom, per person" as if each heart medication was designed for everyone's genetics. It wasn't! Those side effects eventually cause other problems down the line for more 'treatments.' This is similar to the line of thinking that introducing genetically modified mosquitos into the wild will eradicate one specific type of pest, but introduce side effects nature never intended. The same goes for your body's naturally-occurring bacteria becoming resistant to certain anti-biotics.

"My mother and sister go to a chiropractor and preach his services as if he were some kind of God. My brother's friend goes to a massage therapist and says the same thing. What is the deal with this?"

In my view this is part of the one-size-fits-all, brand name thinking as if someone were going to wal-mart for a fix or some sugary product or some cheap blender they purchased. This isn't to say the mentioned modalities are frivolous, but they are only part of the holistic equation. If your problem really is a blood imbalance of say B6 and B12 (as many are and don't know it) then a chiropractic adjustment won't directly add those to your daily routine, but it will certainly help at least psychologically.

What I mean is many people convince themselves of things but it's not the full story; this is called placebo. In the end it is the company, person or business with the most marketing dollars that reaches the minds of the most people and becomes the new trend of the day. Fortunately these days root cause medicine is becoming more popular, as is the proper analysis and interpretation of all your bodily tissues, but that wasn't the case for a very long time compared to professions such as chiropractors, massage therapists, and so on.

"If I follow your general guidelines what will I expect?

If you were "diagnosed" with a condition you should realize you are not a car with a bad radiator. There are other problems with your tissues, cells causing that 'condition" and taking only pharmaceuticals will likely cause other problems down the line including early death. It is at least entirely possible to see significant positive results with side effects such as better mood, no more junk food/alcohol/drug cravings. If you follow individualized guidelines you will also find at least the same but this advice gets more specific for your genetics, your lifestyle, your individual biochemistry. Therefore, depending on the severity of your condition you could very well see it completely reversed with side effects more pronounced as mentioned above.

"How will I be able to avoid needing health insurance, and thus the need for a big employer healthcare plan?"

Yes, you will be able to avoid the need to sell your figurative soul to a big employer with my assistance and the reasons are many.

If you already have a health condition 'diagnosed' by a healthcare practitioner and are taking drugs for it, this makes it harder, but not impossible to avoid needing a big sickness insurance plan from a big employer.

The big benefits are you will feel more empowered to become more self-sufficient but also become healthier and needing drugs, surgeries, office visits far less frequently or none whatsoever.

What you will get is health assurance and not sickness insurance. No more benefiting the pocket books of insurance companies!

"Can I halt addictions with this kind of information you provide?"

Yes, you can at least significant improve your health including addictions. Of course, the ideal is to completely eliminate harmful activities such as smoking cigarettes, but a more realistic idea would be replacing the cigarette with something virtually risk-free such as vaping or in combination with such things as nicotine patches and essential oil nasal inhalers. Again, these 3 are part of the acute mindset.

What even doctors do not understand is that addictions, compulsions & cravings are not only psycho-social but an interplay between your body's internal workings, your mind, and your social environment. This is the chronic mindset that needs to be addressed alongside the acute to prevent what is called "relapses" or cycling back into the pattern. Indeed, their main training in medical school is pharmacology but not body biochemistry using substances already native to the body.

Correcting biochemical problems along with retraining your mind and making choices to avoid social situations that led to addictions is the most effective. We have to remember that addiction is rarely all chemical -- it is psycho-social and in the case of smoking cigarettes: the hand to mouth motion is the most addictive.

Fact #1: Nutrition Doesn't Mean Food

Nutrition doesn't mean food: it means what is inside of food, how your bodily metabolism functions (or for many doesn't); or rather what should be in there and what amounts you should be getting for your particular genetics. You’ve probably heard this before that “Doctors are not trained in nutrition,” and this is true, but again, that word doesn’t mean food! The sad thing is that is what the overwhelming majority of people think it means! Look at the cover of “health” magazines and you will probably see either a very pretty woman with food around her, or see a very muscular/athletic man in a photo. The ‘conventional’ medical schools graduate doctors who also likely think that nutrition means food, and they were taught that particular nutrients simply aren’t effective. The reality is there are 8 different routes to get substances into your body and that’s another thing we will get into. Again, nutrition is what should be inside of food in appropriate amounts because your body is made out of what your body is exposed to! This includes the technical details such as hormones, proteins, carbohydates, vitamins (not the ‘flintstone’ vitamins you are thinking of!). For example, the typical human needs minimum 1000 mg of Vitamin C per day, but almost everyone you meet who has searched Google tells you that eating an orange is enough. Is it really? No, it's not whatsoever. You may see pictures like this saying up to 90 mg of ascorbic acid vitamin C per day is enough. This is false and so are the other RDAs (recommended daily intakes).

Fact #2: Gender bias in healthcare

Numerous studies show there's a lack of attention on real, root cause medicine in general, however there exists much marketing geared toward women in the wide-ranged 'alternative healthcare' field. Not many people trust any information coming out of any healthcare field these days mostly because of apathy with all the conflicting information out there (ie: one year they say red meat causes cancer, another they say it doesn't). I was one of those people watching mostly women obsessing over healthcare (a evolutionary psychological and biological trait) along with all the conflicting information online (think of wikipedia and other marketing 'gurus' like Medical Medium and others). I knew that nutrition was important, but I thought that it meant mostly only food! I eventually gave up.

Fact #3: What's happening to you isn't your fault

There are many factors out there much bigger than you, and that mainly includes government-run policies concerning healthcare, banking, employment, environment, and the other big ones. Many, if not all of these, are rigged not in the "little guy's favor," but in the hands of much bigger people and organizations/corporations/government and world agencies. There are so many factors around you that you do not see, and start blaming yourself, because others are told to do the same to themselves. One poignant example is the relative difficulty of trying to find gainful employment even before the so-called pandemic. Many people simply aren’t aware that there has been a fake labour shortage occuring for more than 40 years, with employers, governments and corporations basically manipulating not only the banking and financial system, but also the labour market. That’s right: information is starting to trickle out courtesy of the internet to show proof of these above actors basically keeping wages/working condition unfavorable to the workers of the world, even in “first world countries” like Canada/USA. This is not the say joining another cartel like a union will help you. We will explain more about this in the coming sections/blog posts along with other factors working against you.

Fact #4 I was a victim of the medical industry

As we get older, we all become prey to ignorance and the blind trust we oten have for people we are told to have trust for. This often includes those like clergy, police, doctors of any kind, professors/teachers, bankers, and others in positions of “authority.” I was a victim of many things in my life, but the most egregious to me were when I was brutalized by the financial, medical, and the way men and women interact in this so-called “modern age.”

Fact #5 Most self-help content online is toxic

used to occassionally read content from “self help” authors and found most of it to be impractical, and almost cult-like in some of their ideas and concepts. I also did not see how I could convince myself I was no longer "depressed" off and on since I was a child. Very similarly to how some self-proclaimed ‘medical experts’ online were telling people to drink celery juice to cure and prevent ailments, so too were the self-help gurus simply telling people to “just think positive” or meditate and pray for change in the world and yourself. I tried all of that, and even had my mother’s new Jehovah’s Witness friends come over to the house to talk to me about my situation. I still talk to those people, but I did not swallow the proverbial kool-aid.

Fact #6: Blood nutrient levels correlated to your whole body

When I was not well with so-called “mental illness” I was also getting almost yearly common colds. I also had depression, white spots on my nails, greying hair, rough skin in some places, bumps on my scalp, and other things not tested or noticed by the doctors I had at the time. I also discovered barely 2 years ago with a newer medical doctor, that I had a hernia, and likely had it since I was born! That was causing my lack of appetite, along with smoking and other factors. You have to remember we are not products we buy at walmart, but indeed ever-changing organisms depending no various factors. According to many sources, "reductionist medicine is a direct product of Cartesian ideas about the body, specifically, he long-held view that the mind is separate from the body. The philosopher René Descartes (1596–1650) argued that the mind and body are made of totally different substances: mind is spiritual matter and body is material matter (think of so-called 'mental illness' and no cures for them?). Here you will find more information about this type of thing.

Fact #7 Single men & women at all-time high

I’ve always thought there was something strange happening with relationships between men and women. I grew up during the 80s and 90s, and saw all sorts of propaganda on television, but back then we didn’t have internet until around 1996, but there wasn’t much information on there except more technical things and was more of a geek’s paradise (I admit I am one). Back then things were much different in that – we could say – gender roles were probably more defined. That’s not to say there wasn’t any real greivances people didn’t have – because they did. This type of strife was only beginning to come into the general public consciousness. “Women’s rights” were made popular since probably the 1960s (think the hippy revolution and so on) but there wasn’t much talk about “men’s rights.” In contrast, the idea that we have “rights” is something of a myth as you an see now with the unscientific lockdowns. Indeed, in reality what we really have are privileges granted bt the ruling economic/political class, and can be taken away easily – and they have been. What I saw in the general public consiousness and media was that men were/are the oppressors and women are the victims. What we are increasingly witnessing now is more people staying single, with greater alienation from others. Simply pick up the newspaper, watch television, or surf the web, and you will surely see more stories of “abuse by men against women” and more people divorcing without any real solutions. Here you will find explanations and solutions as to why people act the way they do, and what can be done about it.

Fact #8 Drugs used far too often, too much

Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not discounting the use of pharmaceutical drugs, and that field has a very range of functions, however, doctors today are trained mainly only on those, and haven’t trained on nutrient therapy. They scoff at the idea that nutrients could be more powerful, more cost effective, have no side effects, and think they have not been proven using double-blind studies. Indeed, they have and research since the 1950s by government-funded doctors in places such as Saskatchewan, Canada, have proven that relatively high-dose (such as intravenous/intramuscular plus oral route) act as therapeutic drugs more powerful than those found in the pharmacy. In fact, most of the pharmaceutical drugs you see in nature have been reverse-engineered from nature, made synthetic, and patented and sold to you with a script from your doctor under a brand name. One of the big reasons we can’t get enough of the nutrients we need is multi-faceted, but has a lot to do with toxins in the environment blocking cellular update of these substances (think receptors in your cells). Another is genetic variations causing massive losses of these essential substances that you doctor likely doesn’t even test for unless you are already sick (because he didn’t prevent it). We will get more into this in the following pages and sections because it can be overwhelming to digest (pun intended) this information.

Below is a quote from a very popular, effective, rare medical doctor previously covered by OHIP, which was a rarity for someone with his qualifications in root cause medicine. The medical establishment has had a "witch hunt" out on these types of doctors and they finally took away his license close to his retirement. It was covered widely in the media, but as always, they trash the good people and make the bad ones look like saints.

Fact #9: North America's medical system is not focused on individualized medicine nor prevention

Richard Huemer reviews a book about health care reform in United States and offers his own suggestions as to how the current US system could be radically improved. It is not a typical book review. Huemer’s ideas are very much ortho-molecular in philosophy and highly provocative. He argues for “health medicine,” and asserts that by its very nature it emphasizes “biochemical individuality and the whole human being, while being inherently non-collectivist, individualistic, antithetical to the depersonalized, statistically-based, one-size-fits-all medical model under which doctors and patients suffer in common.” Read the PDF here

Fact #10: We have forgotten we are biological beings

We have forgotten that we are not only repetitive machines at a job that we spend 8 to 12 hours at per day. If we treated and viewed our bodies and lives as those to a plant's or animal's we would be much healthier, live longer. In fact, your pet's veterinarian gets paid big money to keep your animal healthier than you. Over the decades we have come to view ourselves more like robots than humans.
human not only worker