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Case studies: comparing subjects from across the globe

In this case study we are comparing one male from the United States and one male from Vietnam.

Key points, commonalities and differentiators:

  • Both welders and thus exposed to heavy amounts of manganese in the form of primarily oxides and sulfides, while oxides are more routinely used in Vietnam with different safety standards.
  • Both are regular consumers of beer primarily after work
  • Both are fathers 

 epigenetics & metabolism

Thomas (From USA)

AGE: In his 40s

OCCUPATION: Works as a welder


Weakness of arms and legs, as well as shaking once he arrives home after work and consumes beer.  Neurological problems are likely present because of exposure to high amounts of manganese oxides at work.

His family doctor is not aware of nor trained/capable to run the tests I have done with him, but his family doctor has done very limited testing but gave him a regular script for the drug "benztropine" which is an anti-parkinson drug.

After starting this drug his symptoms got better for a little while, but then his doctor ordered higher dosages based on very little evidence as often happens in the "conventional medicine" system based on strictly pharmacologic symptom management.

Genetic markers:

These genetic markers are causing nutrient deficiencies that would be causing his health problem.  More specifically, since he works as a welder, and since his micro-nutrient test shows abnormally high levels of manganese, it would make sense that his occupation would be causing a big part of the labelled condition given to him by his family doctor and specialist.

The last deficiency was remarkable because it indicates "ferroxidase" deficiency which would likely be playing a major role in his metabolic processing of manganese which welders are frequently exposed to on a constant basis.

thomas genetic analysis first page


It is highly certain that welding and inhaling manganese fumes is not ideal, we do not live in an ideal world.  We have to work to feed ourselves and the option to switch careers and avoid exposure to such substances is not often a choice.  He did not know about his genetic profile before starting his career in welding, but he admitted that had he known about his genetic variant listed on the last line he would not have likely started to become a welder.

Given that it is not feasible for him to switch careers easily, I am making the following recommendations to negate the negative effects of his exposure to toxic substances from his workplace:

  1. Start consuming more water mixed with a natural enhancer such as stevia or monk fruit especially after work
  2. Start supplementing the bare minimum following substances to negate the effects of the constant exposure to manganese derivatives: weekly suppository of the customized blend we have recommended of: 20,000 mg vitamin C, monthly Heme Iron sulfate injection. 

Rationale: Supplementing optimal doses of heme iron especially by monthly injection allows his body cellular structure to block the intake of the toxic manganese form ingested by inhalation from his workplace.  The Vitamin C ascorbate acts as one of the minimum chelating agents to help his body remove the toxic manganese from his body. Since his micronutrient test shows these minimum deficiencies and imbalances it is prudent to at the very least to supplement these natural substances to help his body limit and block the absorption of toxic manganese.  Any other positive side effects are a bonus and very common.

6 months after recommendations:

He has halted his intake of excessive amounts of alcohol, increased his nutrient-rich water intake and no longer notices he has neurological symptoms.  He also notices he doesn't get regular common cold/influenza or cavity that he regularly has present themselves.  

Hiroshi (from Vietnam)

AGE: In his 40s

OCCUPATION: Works as a welder


Temper flares after work upon arrival at home and after consuming alcoholic beverages.  There is also the presence of blood in his urine frequently.  

His genetic profile below indicates a genetic problem where his body isn't able to properly process Vitamin C for collagen formation (for his weakened arteries) and it is highly possible the manganese he is regularly exposed to at work is blocking the absorption of iron.  

hiroshi genetic profile