What Can I Do For You? Example Case Studies

These case studies are used to show you how I can help you balance your body chemistry and lifestyle with effective general guidelines OR extremely effective and more exact individual guidelines. These often are run in conjunction with your general physician's cooperation. In a a substantial amount of cases I can help you eventually wean off of drugs but that is only a side effect and not my official goal.

Steve complaining of chest pain

Jacob is complaining about chest pain, wrinkles, frequent common colds, poor appetite.
His doctor told him to stop smoking, get exercise, eat healthier, avoid alcohol. To help with his cigarette cravings he prescribed a popular drug to help stop smoking. It is technically a drug with a chemical structure classified as an anti-depressant. He wants to know what to do to assist his body with the side effects of the drug. He knows the advice his doctor gave him were very general guidelines and needs more information to make better health choices to avoid the drug treadmill many are on these days.

The reality of the situation is practitioners like me can help balance his 'internal pond' since over 80% of human body weight is composed of water. The other reality is that we informed him he always finds himself going back to smoking, drinking alcohol and toxic people because his body is also stuck in the relapse cycle and he needs a little extra help to break out of it. One part of that equation definitely can be drugs but they overwhelming have been proven not to be relied upon continually because they often break other cellular processes down and thus require other reductionist interventions that throw the body out of homeostasis. Many manifestations could be 'mental illness' to cancer, diabetes and many others.

We ran a genetic profile from a mouth saliva DNA genetic test and found multiple SNPs (genetic differentiators) that showed problems with eliminating toxins. He told us he has a family history of cancer, diabetes. This genetic test showed multiple instances of this claim but it showed many other details he didn't know.

Some of those are that he has a predisposition to having difficulty metabolizing Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) or nicotinic acid. This acid is chemically and structurally related to the chemical nicotine which is in cigarettes. He also didn't know that on average, for each cigarette smoked, his body loses 25 mg of ascorbic acid or Vitamin C. The human body doesn't make Vitamin C so we recommended that as a general guideline, in the absence of a micro-nutrient profile, that he consume between 5000 to 6000 mg ascorbic acid tablets per day. The phrase "family history" is an extremely generic guideline and performing more genetic tests before onset of these conditions is the best treatment. The more helpful, cost effective approach is to establish proper metabolic guidance by avoiding intolerances and allergens in the environment and your body. Reinforcing metabolic differences by identifying what metabolic pathways to stimulate or suppress by introducing proper amounts of the building blocks of the body and eliminating toxic byproducts are some of the general guidelines. Many times people are told they manifest genetic weaknesses but in reality they are often hidden advantages with some not fully understood yet.

He said he wanted to only perform the bare minimum to help him slowly wean off his drugs using nutrients for his genetic profile as determined by the saliva test. A micro-nutrient test is usually performed by due to constraints he cannot get one performed. We recommended a very general guideline that he needs to break the cycle he found himself in by applying a weekly B Complex patch that contains higher amounts of Vitamin B3 (niacinamide.) We also recommended that he avoid common allergens such as wheat, sugar, dairy and alcohol along with people in his social circles that reinforce his habits. After 6 months he reports an increased boost in positive mood, little to no alcohol and toxin cravings. He also joined several more self-help groups that reinforce his positive behavior. He also purchased a "e-cig" vaporizer to wean himself off of cigarettes as it is a harm reduction strategy that doesn't combust any material but satiates his oral fixation. He starts off with 30 mg/mL vaping liquid then after several months works down to 5 mg/mL mixed with b complex into the liquid. He also avoids processed foods as much as possible and sticks with listening to peaceful music at work on break.

He claimed he wanted to come back 1 year later to address further issues to prevent and even reverse existing benign issues including his wrinkles. Some of his features won't be able to be reversed because of existing cellular damage.

Cindy's Husband is Sick

Cindy comes to us with a sick husband. He isn't sure what to do about his diverticulitis, or infection or inflammation of pouches that can form in your intestines.
He works in the construction industry and works with smokers of cigarettes and sometimes drinks alcohol on the job and at home. He is exposed to toxic substances such as drywall dust, significant physical labor and has manifested joint and muscle pain as well. He also smokes cigarettes and appears to become moody at dinner time.

Cindy stated that these problem with her husband's health has been ongoing for many years and he finally broke down and went to the doctor's office where they told him he needs to take many prescriptions and is awaiting surgery for his intestines.

We had them run a micro-nutrient test, a DNA saliva test and genetic mutation test. It showed many genetic variations consistent with metabolism problems and we recommended his job is one of the major factors keeping him in toxic relapse. To support these differences and weaknesses, we advised him to do the general avoid toxins guidelines that his doctor told him, but to help these problems we recommended a full range of supplements and some by a weekly patch, but also many oral supplements to take on a daily basis. I also recommended that he purchase Lactobacillus reuteri (powerful pro-biotic) powder capsules and follow an introductory cleanse that lasts for a few weeks until he sees improvement. After that period, gradually introduce the oral and patch supplements into his daily routine. He also decided to switch occupations to one with less exposure to occupational toxins. Since the human body doesn't produce ascorbic acid Vitamin C and others on its own, we recommended to purchase supplements in bulk.

He came back with significant improvement but still had to keep the scheduled surgery because his intestinal problems appeared to be too severe to correct at this advanced stage. Still, he reports he feels and looks much better and was able to reduce the medication dosages from his GP. He is hopeful he will be able to eliminate the medication in the near future.

Richard's 14 year old son manifests severe depression

Richard's 14 year old son manifests severe depression, obsession behaviors, manic behavior, white spots on fingernails, brittle hair but normally straw-like.
Richard has a 14 year old son who is exhibiting symptoms of "mental illness' but also noticed physical symptoms. He also habitually smokes marijuana and sometimes alcohol and abuses other substances on a regular basis. Has been admitted to hospital many times and was was prescribed an anti-psychotic. Doctors were reluctant to "diagnose" him with any label for many reasons but chiefly because he is so young.

We advised Richard to run a micro-nutrient test and referred them to a practitioner who specializes in analysis of hair and stool samples. In the absence of the last two we were able to determine from his micro-nutrient profile that he was imbalanced in almost all of his 52 foundational micronutrients. The most remarkable deficiencies were Vitamin B3 niacinamide as well as vitamin B12. His excesses were those typical of someone in puberty age and with rapid metabolism. In essence his body is manifesting difficulty in absorbing certain micro-nutrients but also considerable difficulty in eliminating toxins.

We advised that while consuming the primary psycho-active constituents of marijuana are not by themselves entirely harmful, but it depends on his metabolism and his young age that is a concern. His attempts to self-medicate his symptoms away should require a skilled psychiatrist who specializes in integrative techniques with little to no medication. His belief that marijuana is itself being harmless is also unfounded because it is the combustion process which renders tremendous amounts of toxins that are readily absorbed by the body by many people. For the marijuana usage we advised he could use it in alternate forms including edible consumption but that each method of delivery has advantages and disadvantages.

Ralph complains of severe depression after drinking alcohol

Ralph complains of severe depression after drinking alcohol & smoking marijuana.
Ralph was fine until about 18 months ago when he was hit in the head in an accident. His doctor told him "everything's normal" each year for a physical. Yet, he had pains and aches around his body and his GP told him the standard "get exercise, eat balanced meals, avoid alcohol."

He followed this advice yet he still manifested those complaints prior to the accident. Now when he drinks alcohol and smokes marijuana he manifests depression, anxiety, lack of focus and other primarily 'mental' symptoms.

The reality is his body & cells like virtually everyone else on planet earth is malnourished and when that happens the cellular structures become weak and stop working properly. This is prominent in the nervous system for him. When people don't get proper fats, micro-nutrients, amino acids into their bodies the central nervous system is basically walking on egg shells. His body was starting to rob other parts of his body and cells to keep the most important afloat.

The big side effect of his body trying to "Rob peter to pay paul" is other parts of the body suffer and for him the depression and "mental" effects started. When we drink alcohol one of the biggest biochemicals that are affected is Vitamin B12 since it is one of the hardest for the body to assimilate in the digestive system. This is because B12 is the largest molecule for the body to assimilate in the digestive system. Another side effect of his previous lifestyle and his body robbing others is that he was getting frequent cavities.

He never put the link together that because his teeth are primarily calcium that his body was robbing his teeth of primarily that substance and dumping it into the blood to keep other parts afloat.

He only wanted to do the bare minimum so had him run a micro-nutrient test which showed his B12 was far too low. This substance and its variations like any other are affected by the world around it and chiefly the half-life or how long it lasts and is depleted or changed by whatever he may be have been doing recently. For him it was drinking alcohol which was having one of the most deleterious effects.

The micro-nutrient test confirmed our suspicions that his B12 was far too low and even though he was taking a supplement, it was teetering on the borderline.

Approached random stranger

I offered him very low cost cellular nutitional consulting
As an experiment I approached many people on the street whom I didn't personally know or have seen before. I did this as a way to show you that virtually everyone is walking around as a "ticking time bomb" in that they aren't aware what is going on inside of their bodies until it is too late and they end up in the doctor's office.

I was able to attain an unknown person's consent and offered him my services as a surprise case study to show many people that this isn't something benign as telling people what to eat based on some trivial things they may be thinking of.

I was able to run a basic consultation to a man in his mid 30s. A person who thought he was at the peak of his health because that's what many people in that age group wrongly suspect. He told me what his lifestyle was like and we tracked his weekly diet over a month period. I ran a basic micro-nutrient test as well as a DNA saliva test.

Much of the food he was consuming was from one of the popular organic food stores and he did have 1 to 3 weekends during the month when he participated in social alcohol functions after work. He also played sports and had good energy levels.

What we found is that if he kept this routine unchecked into his 50s he would eventually develop cardiovascular problems mainly because his homocysteine levels were way too high and his GP was telling him it was "normal." He wasn't aware there are many factors influencing homocysteine and it's not some singular concept that affects only his cardiovascular system. The tests also showed that he was not consuming many substances in appropriate levels even though he felt assured because he was consuming food from that popular "organic food " place he was in good shape.

The fact remains that like many others, they are walking through life with a false sense of security similar to a seat belt in a car. Based on these measureable tests we recommended that he start performing daily oral supplementation but also a weekly suppository of what he needs to make up for the losses and imbalances.
Keeping these levels steady are also allowing him to avoid developing aging characteristics including grey hairs, skin wrinkles, lack of sexual desire, slooping of the spine.

He will track his progress over the coming months but some immediate positives out of this are: He stopping purchasing from the organic food place. because he realized most of the products there aren't actually organic. His taking the proper supplements allow his body to negate and even eliminate toxins even from food, but he avoids certain ones from regular grocery stores and purchases from a local farmer instead. He started drinking barley tea water instead of daily coffee along with many other slight modifications he thought were harmless.