"But You're Not A Doctor!"

Yeah we all hear people repeating that line when we hear someone talking about healthcare, but we also hear them repeating many other things without thinking about what they are saying. You don't have to be "a doctor" because the people who say this think all doctors are the same. Some people have history degrees and have a doctorate, but medical doctors don't. The standard "conventional" medical doctor your government pays for is not trained in analyzing and treating individual cellular biochemistry also known as "holistic nutrition." This is for many reasons and most of it has to do with how the medical bureaucracy is structured just like any other set of rules such as those found in your company if you work for one.
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Not a doctor
Well, the word "Doctor" means teacher, and I was a teacher in the past and still am. I am not a government-certified doctor but may plan on doing that.
Health coach

I'm not a doctor; but I am close

In fact, the definition of doctor is a teacher and I'm doing that now. MDs in western countries are mainly only good at acute issues. When's the last time you've heard someone reversing cancer, diabetes or other chronic issues?

I have worn many hats

In fact, futurists 70 years ago predicted people would have more than 5 careers in their lifetimes. In this life I have been butchered by the medical system mainly out of ignorance and misleading claims by fools. I guess you could add medical practitioner to my resume.

I can help you figure out your health problems

I try to provide health consults to prevent illness so no one profits from your eventual sickness. If you come to me already with a specific, serious set of concerns, then that's where it gets more complicated and harder to treat. The good news is you know the pain of letting things go so you know what to avoid.

Biochemical Individuality is Ignored by "Modern Science"

... that's mostly because it is based on the reductionist model of science which examines each individual part of your body. It treats each system separately to make it easier to diagnose and symptom manage on an acute basis. Richard Huemer reviews a book about health care reform in United States and offers his own suggestions as to how the current US system could be radically improved. It is not a typical book review. Huemer’s ideas are very much ortho-molecular in philosophy and highly provocative. He argues for “health medicine,” and asserts that by its very nature it emphasizes “biochemical individuality and the whole human being, while being inherently non-collectivist, individualistic, antithetical to the depersonalized, statistically-based, one-size-fits-all medical model under which doctors and patients suffer in common.”

Afraid of the doctors?

Do you ever wonder why you need to go to the dentist 1 to 2 times per year? Have you ever heard of "functional dentistry?" Did you know your teeth are part of your body? Did you know you don't nearly need dentists so much? This is a similar line of thinking in that your car's frame could be made out of environmentally sustainable, stronger, and rust resistant compared hemp fiber instead of the cheap Chinese metal that is often on cars. Aren't you sick of being treated like a used car and hosed from time to time from people who the public often thinks are dieties and devils in the same breath? Yes, the medical system is an assembly line very similar to your local college pumping out graduates for positions that are very hard to find especially now. The problem with these complaining people is they don't know the basics on the topics they are speaking of for a variety of reasons, so they go along with whatever someone else said. This lack of curiosity and confidence is also not entirely their fault as you will see in this website.