Many people are starting to find out that especially big tech like google and others have control over what get spresented to you in search results. The situation has been like this for many years but many didn't realize it. People are even starting to find out that there is such a thing as "fake news," but this too has been this way for decades. The information you find here is likely things you haven't heard before, but we do try to provide links to credible sources, however these sources are often-times linked as "not credible" by the very same fake news sources you have heard about.

Fact #1: Nutrition doesn't mean food & the latest fad never worked!

Nutrition doesn't mean food: it means what is inside of food, how your bodily metabolism functions (or for many doesn't); or rather what should be in there and what amounts you should be getting for your particular genetics. You’ve probably heard this before that “Doctors are not trained in nutrition,” and this is true, but again, that word doesn’t mean food! The sad thing is that is what the overwhelming majority of people think it means! Look at the cover of “health” magazines and you will probably see either a very pretty woman with food around her, or see a very muscular/athletic man in a photo. The ‘conventional’ medical schools graduate doctors who also likely think that nutrition means food, and they were taught that particular nutrients simply aren’t effective. The reality is there are 8 different routes to get substances into your body and that’s another thing we will get into. Again, nutrition is what should be inside of food in appropriate amounts because your body is made out of what your body is exposed to! This includes the technical details such as hormones, proteins, carbohydates, vitamins (not the ‘flintstone’ vitamins you are thinking of!)vitamin c content compared

For example, the typical human needs minimum 1000 mg of Vitamin C per day, but almost everyone you meet who has searched Google tells you that eating an orange is enough.  Is it really? No, it's not whatsoever.  You may see pictures like this saying up to 90 mg of ascorbic acid vitamin C per day is enough.  This is false and so are the other RDAs (recommended daily intakes).

Fact #2 Gender bias in healthcare

woman drinking nutrition shake

Numerous studies show there's a lack of attention on real, root cause medicine in general, however there exists much marketing geared toward women in the wide-ranged 'alternative healthcare' field. Not many people trust any information coming out of any healthcare field these days mostly because of apathy with all the conflicting information out there (ie: one year they say red meat causes cancer, another they say it doesn't). I was one of those people watching mostly women obsessing over healthcare (a evolutionary psychological and biological trait) along with all the conflicting information online (think of wikipedia and other marketing 'gurus' like Medical Medium and others). I knew that nutrition was important, but I thought that it meant mostly only food! I eventually gave up.


Fact #3 What's happening to you isn't your fault

There are many factors out there much bigger than you, and that mainly includes government-run policies concerning healthcare, banking, employment, environment, and the other big ones. Many, if not all of these, are rigged not in the "little guy's favor," but in the hands of much bigger people and organizations/corporations/government and world agencies. There are so many factors around you that you do not see, and start blaming yourself, because others are told to do the same to themselves. One poignant example is the relative difficulty of trying to find gainful employment even before the so-called pandemic. Many people simply aren’t aware that there has been a fake labour shortage occuring for more than 40 years, with employers, governments and corporations basically manipulating not only the banking and financial system, but also the labour market. That’s right: information is starting to trickle out courtesy of the internet to show proof of these above actors basically keeping wages/working condition unfavorable to the workers of the world, even in “first world countries” like Canada/USA. This is not the say joining another cartel like a union will help you. We will explain more about this in the coming sections/blog posts along with other factors working against you.

Fact #4 I was a victim of the medical industry

As we get older, we all become prey to ignorance and the blind trust we oten have for people we are told to have trust for. This often includes those like clergy, police, doctors of any kind, professors/teachers, bankers, and others in positions of “authority.” I was a victim of many things in my life, but the most egregious to me were when I was brutalized by the financial, medical, and the way men and women interact in this so-called “modern age.”

Fact #5 Most self-help content online is toxic

I used to occassionally read content from “self help” authors and found most of it to be impractical, and almost cult-like in some of their ideas and concepts. I also did not see how I could convince myself I was no longer suicidally depressed off and on since I was a child. Very similarly to how some self-proclaimed ‘medical experts’ online were telling people to drink celery juice to cure and prevent ailments, so too were the self-help gurus simply telling people to “just think positive” or meditate and pray for change in the world and yourself. I tried all of that, and even had my mother’s new Jehovah’s Witness friends come over to the house to talk to me about my situation. I still talk to those people, but I did not swallow the proverbial kool-aid.

Fact #6 There is a direct correlation between blood nutrient levels and health, cravings, mood, thinking

When I was not well with so-called “mental illness” I was also getting almost yearly common colds. I also had depression, white spots on my nails, greying hair, rough skin in some places, bumps on my scalp, and other things not tested or noticed by the doctors I had at the time. I also discovered barely 2 years ago with a newer medical doctor, that I had a hernia, and likely had it since I was born! That was causing my lack of appetite, along with smoking and other factors. You have to remember we are not products we buy at walmart, but indeed ever-changing organisms depending no various factors. According to many sources, "reductionist medicine is a direct product of Cartesian ideas about the body, specifically, he long-held view that the mind is separate from the body. The philosopher René Descartes (1596–1650) argued that the mind and body are made of totally different substances: mind is spiritual matter and body is material matter (think of so-called 'mental illness' and no cures for them?). Here you will find more information about this type of thing.

Fact #7 Single men & women at all-time high

I’ve always thought there was something strange happening with relationships between men and women. I grew up during the 80s and 90s, and saw all sorts of propaganda on television, but back then we didn’t have internet until around 1996, but there wasn’t much information on there except more technical things and was more of a geek’s paradise (I admit I am one). Back then things were much different in that – we could say – gender roles were probably more defined. That’s not to say there wasn’t any real greivances people didn’t have – because they did. This type of strife was only beginning to come into the general public consciousness. “Women’s rights” were made popular since probably the 1960s (think the hippy revolution and so on) but there wasn’t much talk about “men’s rights.” In contrast, the idea that we have “rights” is something of a myth as you an see now with the unscientific lockdowns. Indeed, in reality what we really have are privileges granted bt the ruling economic/political class, and can be taken away easily – and they have been. What I saw in the general public consiousness and media was that men were/are the oppressors and women are the victims. What we are increasingly witnessing now is more people staying single, with greater alienation from others. Simply pick up the newspaper, watch television, or surf the web, and you will surely see more stories of “abuse by men against women” and more people divorcing without any real solutions. Here you will find explanations and solutions as to why people act the way they do, and what can be done about it.

Fact #8 Drugs used far too often, too much

Don’t get me wrong here: I’m not discounting the use of pharmaceutical drugs, and that field has a very range of functions, however, doctors today are trained mainly only on those, and haven’t trained on nutrient therapy. They scoff at the idea that nutrients could be more powerful, more cost effective, have no side effects, and think they have not been proven using double-blind studies. Indeed, they have and research since the 1950s by government-funded doctors in places such as Saskatchewan, Canada, have proven that relatively high-dose (such as intravenous/intramuscular plus oral route) act as therapeutic drugs more powerful than those found in the pharmacy. In fact, most of the pharmaceutical drugs you see in nature have been reverse-engineered from nature, made synthetic, and patented and sold to you with a script from your doctor under a brand name. One of the big reasons we can’t get enough of the nutrients we need is multi-faceted, but has a lot to do with toxins in the environment blocking cellular update of these substances (think receptors in your cells). Another is genetic variations causing massive losses of these essential substances that you doctor likely doesn’t even test for unless you are already sick (because he didn’t prevent it). We will get more into this in the following pages and sections because it can be overwhelming to digest (pun intended) this information.

Below is a quote from a very popular, effective, rare medical doctor previously covered by OHIP, which was a rarity for someone with his qualifications in root cause medicine. The medical establishment has had a "witch hunt" out on these types of doctors and they finally took away his license close to his retirement. It was covered widely in the media, but as always, they trash the good people and make the bad ones look like saints.

I was the sixth of seven children in a family where many of my family members had illnesses. I wanted to be a physician since I was five years old , and that is what I did. Now in my early seventies I retired my medical license and have moved entirely to holistic and natural medicines because I have found them to be more effective and safer. There is basically no reason to rely so much on drugs when much of what we need to achieve in our lives can happen with high quality more natural tools which do not have the side effects of depleting the body of vital nutrients or blocking the benefits of our natural intake of vitamins and minerals.
I am an expert in the natural tools that achieve the highest quality of life, mental clarity, vitality and essentially allow us to live better, longer. I am blessed to have a range of knowledge, experience and skills to launch a new career fully utilizing these time tested tools. I have spent years developing connections to the best quality and most reliable natural substances so that I can help us all achieve a safe and effective high quality life full of joy, vitality, sharp and effective thinking, a healthy and active sex life, all without relying on possibly harmful synthetic chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs most of which have originally come from these natural plant medicines. Come and consult with me and experience the power of these beautiful gifts of nature.
My expertise lies in Metabolism, Nutrition and the management and treatment of Diabetes along with many other common health concerns including: Immune disorders, allergies, weight gain chronic fatigue, sexual dysfunction and more."


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  • 95% of people wrongly trust online sources. 
  • 100% of people have leaky gut. 
  • 52% of USA are single vs 20% in 1950

Frequently Asked Questions | Questions Fréquemment Posées

First off, it is best for you to start reading the "FAQ" at the top right of this website.

Lots of people have a hard time understanding medical information especially if what you read mainly online is telling you conflicting views and data. I was one of those people who knew and "believed" that the term 'alternative medicine' had at least a significant amount of relevance to it, but I didn't fully realize there are very specific modalities contained with it.

I also didn't fully realize that -- after discovered what I did -- the "conventional" medical system should be more accurately termed "alternative." This is because Western, reductionist science is extremely compartmentalized (meaning: the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing) and has become extremely politicized and excessively commercialized.

On a bird's eye view, what is called Western medicine has largely neglected thousands of years of evidence dealing with biochemistry and the world around us. This indeed happens when you adopt the "germ model" and completely ignore the "terrain model" and you can view more about this on our videos page.

    1. Don't we all have to die sooner or later? Why bother worrying this much about health?  I have heard this question or similar self-defeatist opinions quite a few times.  You may think that it is worrying about health to make sure you get proper testing, eat the correct: foods, socialize with the correct people, and obtain work for your constitution.  The reality is that healthcare has technical subject matter such as chemistry and psychology and that our poorly-built education systems don't make these subjects easier to digest on an individual level, but at the basic level it's not that complicated.  The hard, cold reality is if you don't put educated effort and concern into your health your likelyhood being forced onto drugs (and thinking the doctor saved your life) is extremely high.  Practically everyone I run into either fits into these groups: 1) Those who are cognizant that their health is important, but don't put much effort into getting proper treatment OR don't know what that would be OR think they can't afford it.  2) Those who simply neglect their health
    2. What does diet, exercise level, my genetics, where I work, who I socialized with have to do with my overall health and what impact do all these things have?
    3. Why am I seeing this word "holistic" everywhere yet I still think it means "hocus pocus" things like magical water?  That's because disinformation agents and shills have destroyed many words in our world including this one for both marketing dollars AND to sway you from the truth.  In fact, a good percentage of marketers (both 'natural' and big pharma marketers) actually work covertly for big pharma to make anything non-pharma related to appear "wishy washy."  
    4. If this word "holistic health" is so good, why aren't mainstream bureaucracies, institutions and medical professionals adopting it? First off, that is a loaded word and can mean many things to many people.  Look to Alberta Canada's "mental health court" for more information along with many other places and people in the world adopting holistic medical principles into their practices.

"But you're not a doctor!" 

Yeah we all hear people repeating that line when we hear someone talking about healthcare, but we also hear them repeating many other things without thinking about what they are saying.  You don't have to be "a doctor" because the people who say this think all doctors are the same.  Some people have history degrees and have a doctorate,  but medical doctors don't.  The standard "conventional" medical doctor your government pays for is not trained in a HUGE variety of VERY legitimate modalities.  This is for many reasons and most of it has to do with how the medical bureaucracy is structured just like any other set of rules such as those found in your company if you work for one.

How many of you loathe going to the doctor's office just like you avoid the dentist?

Do you ever wonder why you need to go to the dentist 1 to 2 times per year? Have you ever heard of "functional dentistry?" Did you know your teeth are part of your body? Did you know you don't nearly need dentists so much? This is a similar line of thinking in that your car's frame could be made out of environmentally sustainable, stronger, and rust resistant compared hemp fiber instead of the cheap Chinese metal that is often on cars. Aren't you sick of being treated like a used car and hosed from time to time from people who the public often thinks are dieties and devils in the same breath?  Yes, the medical system is an assembly line very similar to your local college pumping out graduates for positions that are very hard to find especially now.  The problem with these complaining people is they don't know the basics on the topics they are speaking of for a variety of reasons, so they go along with whatever someone else said.  This lack of curiosity and confidence is also not entirely their fault as you will see in this website. 

Shaming and blaming: how about solutions & understanding!

My god, what a crazy idea in this world of immaturity and ignorance!

Instead of blaming and shaming, we actually try to help you understand what is going on inside the minds of people and yourself is actually a reflection of what is going on biochemically inside your body!  That's because -- you guessed it, and who would have thought? -- your brain is a part of your body and your mind isn't only stuck in your head!  What goes in and out of your body determines how your body maintains itself, how you feel and look.  

Just like not all car mechanics are the same, not all nutritionists or people and cars the same.  Nutrition doesn't mean food and some nutritionists are completely useless just like some piano teachers are completely useless -- some are just doing it because of life circumstances and a way to make money.  You have to ask and see qualifications and experience of that person, or check the details on that item you are buying before you buy it.

different healthcare modalities

You want proof? There's tons of proof but you won't "believe" it

Have you ever gotten a blood test and results like this? Do you know the significance of it?  Probably not.  Most won't because they don't see the immediate need for it, but they see the immediate need for a new cellular phone each year.  This is the same phone that many people are increasingly developing electromagnetic sensitivity to and they don't see OR know it.

micronutrient test results

This is a very common reply from people who are in denial and many other factors.  

ignorant reply

These kinds of replies are mostly borne out of the apathy which we have already explained on this site, and images of witch doctors with little scientific proof.  This is not to say that measureble data like scientific testing is the only answer -- which it is not -- but it helps the Western mind understand and put context and proof into the conversation.  Of course, the ultimate testimony and validation is seeing the results YOURSELF and ON YOURSELF when you actually experience the power of true health with proper healthcare and individualized consulting and factors such as proper supplementation (remember there are 8 different ways to get things into your body).  Over the years our minds have been filled with conflicting messages and unscrupulous disinformation agents who claim to be speaking with the spirit world, often pushed by famous celebrities.

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