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My family, myself, and people I personally know of have been literally butchered by the medical system. A big part of the problem was conflicting healthcare information from ignorant people including nurses & doctors who had no solutions. Find out what I can do to help you avoid similar problems with time-tested, body-native tools. Many of these tools you can use yourself, but you need someone like me who's been through it to guide you.

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WHO estimates 50% of the global burden of disease is chronic illness.

In Canada, 51.6% of the population over the age of 20 having one or more chronic diseases. They are long lasting, illnesses can have a compounding and sustained effect on the social and economic levels of the individual and broader society. It costs $68 billion in direct healthcare costs and $122 billion in productivity losses. As outlined by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, a more effective approach to combatting chronic disease would recognize the following: Chronic disease is ongoing, and warrants proactive, planned, integrated care within a system that patients can navigate. For the better part of the last four decades, many health agencies have advocated for a model focused on preventing and forestalling the onset of disease as the best solution to the growing crisis of chronic disease. Yet we have remained stuck in an acute care paradigm…until now.

Using biochemical individuality balancing

Using biochemical individuality balancing, we can level out your moods with the side effect of anti-aging and decreasing disease risk.